Difference between AngularJS and Angular.


AngularJS, is a javascript based open-source front-end framework and is mainly used to develop single page applications on web. It enriches the static HTML to dynamic HTML. It extends existing HTML by providing directives. Its latest stable version is 1.7.7


Angular is alternative to AngularJS and it is a major version upgrade to Angular JS. Angular release starts from 2.0. It is very fast as compared to AngularJS. It has modular design, have angular CLI and easy to develop. Angular latest stable version is 9.

Following are the important differences between AngularJS and Angular.

Sr. No.KeyAngularJSAngular
1ArchitectureAngularJS works on MVC, Model View Controller Design. Here View shows the information present in the model and controller processes the information.Angular uses components and directives. Here component is directive with a template.
2LanguageAngularJS code is written in javascript.Angular code is written in typescript.
3MobileAngularJS code is not mobile friendly.Angular develped applications are mobile browser friendly.
4Expression syntax{{}} are used to bind data between view and model. Special methods, ng-bind can also be used to do the same.() and [] attributes are used to bind data between view and model.
5Dependency InjectionDI is not used.Hiearchical DI system is used in Angular.
6Routing@routeProvider.when, then are used to provide routing information.@Route configuration is used to define routing information.
7ManagementAngularJS project is difficult to manage with increasing size of the source code.Angular code is better structured, is easy to create and manage bigger applications.