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Explain clearTimeout() function in Node.js

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:37:29
There is a timer module in node.js that is used to schedule timers and carry out specific functions at a later time. In Node.js the JavaScript function clearTimeout() is used to halt the execution of the setTimeout() function by using the timeoutID returned by a specific setTimeout() function call. This function does nothing if the timeoutID didn't match for any prior calls or if an invalid value is given. The setTimeout() JavaScript function executes the specified code after the user-specified amount of time or delay, and it returns an ID, which is a positive integer commonly referred to as the ... Read More

Explain Built-in Events in Backbone.js

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:27:27
There are various events that are present in Backbone.js and these events are called built-in Events. As the name suggests programmers and users already define built-in events and can directly use them. Also as per the requirements, a user can create his/her own event which doesn’t comes under the built-in Events. A remarkable quality that an event provides a user is that it adds the event listeners to the related selector, custom selectors, el. Also if none of the selection is provided then both the related selector and el event listeners are attached. Backbone.js Introduction Backbone.js is a toolkit or ... Read More

Features of Underscore.js

Shubham Vora
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 12:48:09
Underscore.js is a lightweight library and compatible with all major browsers, as well as Node.js. It can be useful when working on projects involving a lot of data manipulation, as it provides several powerful tools for working with arrays and objects in JavaScript. Underscore.JS is a popular utility library; many other JavaScript libraries and frameworks like Backbone.js, AngularJS, and React.js use it as a dependency. Before we talk about its features, you can go to the official website of Underscore.js ( and download the minified version (underscore-min.js) of the library. We will set the path of this version in the ... Read More

How to sorting an array without using loops in Node.js?

Shubham Vora
Updated on 06-Mar-2023 12:38:44
In Node.js, a built-in sort() method is available to sort an array without a headache. However, as a beginner to learn how the sort() method works internally, users should learn various sorting algorithms. In this tutorial, we will learn a different algorithm to sort an array without using loops in NodeJS. Use the setInterval() method The setInterval() method allows us to invoke any particular function after each interval. Also, we can store the id of the setInterval() method in any variable and use it later to clear the interval. So, we can call a callback function in the ... Read More

How to create refs in ReactJS?

Shubham Vora
Updated on 28-Feb-2023 17:14:40
In ReactJS, refs are used to referring any node of the document. Generally, we can pass the props to children elements to interact with children from the parent’s state. Still, sometimes the child component is out of the typical dataflow of components. For example, we have four components, and dataflow is second is a child of the first, third is a child of the second, and fourth is a child of the third component. To interact with the fourth component from the first component, passing props from every component is not good practice. So, we can use refs to interact ... Read More

How to create progress bar in ReactJS?

Shubham Vora
Updated on 28-Feb-2023 17:13:27
We can use the progress bar to track how many percentage of a particular task is completed. Maybe you have seen the progress bar on many websites while uploading a file, and it is one of the best use cases of the progress bar to show the uploaded percentage of uploading the file. Another best use case of the progress bar is showing the download completion percentage. We can use different CSS styles for the progress bar to animate and improve user experience. In this tutorial, we will learn to create a progress bar using libraries and from scratch ... Read More

How to Create Phone numbers and Contacts List in ReactJS?

Shubham Vora
Updated on 28-Feb-2023 17:11:44
We can assume that you have used mobile devices to call someone and seen the contact list. Generally, when you open the phone book on most mobile devices, it will show you three sections. The first is a keypad to dial a custom number, the second is recent calls, and the third is saved contacts in the device. The recent contact section shows recent calls with names, numbers, and call duration. The normal contact list section shows your contact name with your contact number. Here, we will design a contact list in ReactJS using the basic functionalities of ReactJS. ... Read More

How to create an Image Slider in ReactJS?

Shubham Vora
Updated on 28-Feb-2023 17:10:58
Image slider is crucial in any web application to show multiple images with good UX. Whenever we go on any prestigious site like or, they show images in the slider, and these websites need to show multiple images for every product. Now, what if they show every single image without a slider, users can’t see the image properly, and it looks worst. So, in this tutorial, we will learn various approaches to creating an image slider in ReactJS. Use the react-simple-image-slider Npm package The react-simple-image-slider allows us to create an image slider in ReactJS. Users ... Read More

HTTP REST API calls in ElectronJS

Shubham Vora
Updated on 28-Feb-2023 17:09:03
We can choose from various libraries like request, axios, or fetch to make requests to our HTTP REST API endpoint. Doing so allows us to interact with data from our API and display it in our ElectronJS application. ElectronJS is an open-source project actively maintained by the OpenJS Foundation and a community of contributors. With ElectronJS, we can build cross-platform desktop applications using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use HTTP REST API calls in our ElectronJS application. Steps to use HTTP REST API calls in ElectronJS ... Read More

How to set an object key inside a state object in React Hooks?

Shubham Vora
Updated on 28-Feb-2023 17:08:03
The React component can contain various states, and we can use state variables inside the return statement with HTML elements. Whenever the value of state variables updates, it also updates on the web page without refreshing the web page. This tutorial will teach us to use the objects inside the state variable. Whatever value like number, string, Boolean, or object we want to store in the state variable, we need to pass it as a parameter of the useState() hook. Use the objects in the React hooks This section will teach us to use an object as a ... Read More
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