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Amazon keeps an eye on the behavior of each seller to ensure they are performing well. If a seller falls too low on the rating scale, he/she won’t be selling on Amazon for long. Performance area has three parameters on the basis of which a seller is rated by Amazon. These are −

Account Health

This area provides a quick summary of your account health. This page has green boxes with checkmarks which gives an insight that everything is fine in the account. Ideally you do not want to have yellow triangles or red octagons with an ‘X’ in them which highlights the flaws your account has.

One important check is ‘Order Defect Rate’ which shows the percentage of orders with problems - either negative feedback or the filing of an A to Z guarantee claim which shows that you cannot reach an agreement with the customer. Then there is the ‘Contact Response Time’ which is a measure of how well you responded to the buyer’s messages and in time. Any reply from your side after 24 hours is rated as a late response.

Next comes a ‘Perfect Order Rating’ showing the percentage of orders for which everything went well. Amazon calls this as POP Score and you will like to have a score of 95% or higher.

Seller Rating

Seller rating is not shown to the customer but it is a vital tool of placing you in the Buy Box. The merchant with a high seller rating gets the Buy Box. The Amazon Seller Rating is a score on a scale from 0 to 100. A score of 0 to 84.49 is regarded as fair, 84.5 to 96.49 as good, 96.5 to 98.49 as very good, and 98.5 to 100 as outstanding.

Customer Feedback

This summarizes the customer feedback information. Amazon keeps a check on how you are serving its customers, so you need to continuously put efforts in winning the customer’s satisfaction.

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