Amazon Marketplace - Types of Account

You must certainly be investigating what choices you should essentially make before starting to sell your product. The very first choice you should make is about the type of account you should hold. Secondly, what product should you sell, and thirdly how should you manage the shipment and return for the product.

Amazon offers two types of accounts − Individual Account and Professional Account.

Individual Account

If you are a small seller with very few items to sell or just testing the waters, this type of account is tailor-made for you. It is a pay-as-you-go system and includes no monthly account charges. You only need to pay a $0.99 fee each time an item is sold and have access to a basic set of tools for management and ordering.

You can sell multiple items that already have listing on the site but cannot create new listings on Amazon. Also, you cannot apply to sell in the restricted categories on Amazon like health, personal care, grocery, clothing, footwear, watches, beauty items, etc. You cannot offer free shipping to lure consumers, Amazon decides the shipping rates for you. You may, however, upgrade your Individual Account to a Professional one, whenever you desire.

Individual Account

Professional Account

If you are selling 40 or more products then you can opt for this plan. It includes monthly subscription fee of $39.99 but you can also enjoy a waiver of $0.99 attached with selling of each product in Individual Account.

You have access to advanced management and inventory listing tools and can create new product listing pages. You can also apply to sell products belonging to the restricted category or decide the shipping charges for your product. The benefits of making the choice to become a professional seller far outweighs the potential downsides.