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All Amazon sellers want the coverted Buy Box. This is the same as all website holders want their website to rank on top of Google search. When a buyer searches for a product, there may be many sellers selling the same product with different offers.

Amazon cannot list all the sellers on the main page of the product. Rather, it filters the sellers and picks one and encourages people to buy from that seller. This selected seller is the ‘Buy Box’.

Amazon’s concept of ‘Buy Box’ is to make it convenient for customers to make a reliable and quick choice. Buy Box eligible sellers are professional sellers who have met performancebased requirements.

There is no additional fee for being Buy Box eligible, and the sellers must maintain their performance levels to retain the status of Buy Box eligibility.

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Following are some of the ways that can help you secure a position in the Buy Box.

  • Be a professional FBA merchant − FBA merchants are most likely to be in the Buy Box. Chances of a non-FBA merchant to be in the Buy Box is a rare happening.

  • Lower price − When two FBA merchants are in the race of being in the Buy Box, the one with lower listed price takes away the pie.

  • List your product accurately − You must aptly describe the product and its condition to be in a genuine seller list.

  • Ship on time − Build reliable shipping methods to deliver the right product in time to the buyer and with enough time to beat the estimated delivery date. In case you are unable to make the estimated delivery date, notify your customer in time for the same, whatever maybe the issue.

  • Interact with your customers − Inform the customer about the status of their order. The right update to the customer can help build the customer’s trust.

  • Provide customer-friendly services − Pay attention to post-transaction affairs like refunds, returns, and exchanges.

The more efforts you put in and the better you perform, the more likely are you to get in the Buy Box.

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