The Amazon Advantage

Amazon is not just an online store, rather it’s a Marketplace! It is one of the oldest merchants on the web and has over 200 million customers worldwide. There are many potential buyers who put their trust in Amazon and prefer buying products from Amazon only, even if the product costs slightly higher than at other e-commerce sites.

High Traffic Volume

Undoubtedly, the primary advantage of selling on Amazon is its high traffic volume. The main reason behind which is the strategic working of Amazon people on the presentation of the products, encouraging people to buy, serving them quality product with easy purchase and return options.

Why jostle through the tedious and extravagant process of making and maintaining a website, putting efforts to direct the traffic towards it? All you need is to find the right product to sell and at the right price and Amazon will get you the right customers.

Amazing Growth Rate

Another major advantage that should be listed is Amazon’s growth rate. Amazon’s revenue has grown rapidly and has reached a remarkable value, close to 70 billion dollars a year, which is indeed faster than the overall rate of e-commerce growth.

Amazon alone is not the player behind this success story, there are about two million thirdparty merchants having their share in the e-commerce pie. Amazon has not been a one-size fit solution for all of them. Many seemed skeptical and ventured out, making their own sites or selling on some other sites resulting in decreased sales, incurring heavy losses, and finally returned to Amazon. For some sales through Amazon made up for the losses, for some it saved their business.

Associating with Amazon is Easy

There are no charges for listing your product in the catalog and you can start selling without paying anything until your product has been sold. It helps in smooth shipping of your product and Amazon even handles return policy for you. This adds to the Amazon advantage!

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