Amazon Marketplace - Listing a New Product

If you want to list a new product in the Amazon catalog, then you need to follow the steps given below −

  • Click the ‘Create a new product’ button.

  • Select the category into which you want to list your product. Amazon then displays a list of sub categories.

  • Continue browsing through the sub-categories and select the suitable one.

  • You will then be directed to the area to add the product information. Start filling the product title, the name of the product, the manufacturer name and the model number.

  • Next, you need to enter the unique product number, a Global Trade Item Number(GTIN), an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for book, a Universal Product Code (UPC) or European Article Number (EAN). Amazon checks for the validity of the number, so do not try entering a fake number.

  • You can upload images using the ‘Images Tab’. At least, one image needs to be uploaded in this case. Give due consideration to the quality of the image you are uploading as bad images look unprofessional and turn the buyers off.

  • The key to good sales lies in how efficiently you describe and display your product. Try to display the information in a bulleted list marking the striking features of your product. Try covering maximum details, as sparse information results in lowering the confidence of the buyer in the worth of your product.

  • Click the ‘Save and Finish’ button after you are done with all the entries.

As specified earlier, it may take a few days for the product to begin appearing in the search list.

Listing Products in Masses

We have by far learned how to list a new product or add a seller account with an existent product. But the processes discussed works only for a small number of products. What if you want to sell thousands of products? Entering the details of each item would be very tedious.

In such a case, uploading lists of products into Amazon Seller Central comes to your rescue. It does not mean that you do not need to input the product data. You obviously need to enter all the data, the product cost, its condition, quantity, etc. but you will be entering it into a spreadsheet and upload the spreadsheet on Amazon. The entire procedure of uploading is the same as discussed earlier.

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