CSS azimuth Property

The azimuth property sets where the sound should come from horizontally. The possible values are listed below:

  • angle − Position is described in terms of an angle within the range -360deg to 360deg. The value 0deg means directly ahead in the center of the soundstage. 90deg is to the right, 180deg behind, and 270deg (or, equivalently and more conveniently, -90deg) to the left.
  • left-side − Same as '270deg'. With 'behind', '270deg'.
  • far-left − Same as '300deg'. With 'behind', '240deg'.
  • left − Same as '320deg'. With 'behind', '220deg'.
  • center-left − Same as '340deg'. With 'behind', '200deg'.
  • center − Same as '0deg'. With 'behind', '180deg'.
  • center-right − Same as '20deg'. With 'behind', '160deg'.
  • right − Same as '40deg'. With 'behind', '140deg'.
  • far-right − Same as '60deg'. With 'behind', '120deg'.
  • right-side − Same as '90deg'. With 'behind', '90deg'.
  • leftwards − Moves the sound to the left and relative to the current angle. More precisely, subtracts 20 degrees.
  • rightwards − Moves the sound to the right, relative to the current angle. More precisely, adds 20 degrees.


Let us see an example −

      h1 { azimuth: 30deg }
      td.a { azimuth: far-right } /* 60deg */
      #12 { azimuth: behind far-right } /* 120deg */
      p.comment { azimuth: behind } /* 180deg */
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