CSS - Animations Property

CSS animations are a technique for transforming how elements look or appear and act with motion effects on web page.

  • They involve two key components: the first part includes CSS properties specifying element animation, and the second involves keyframes defining the animation's start, end, and possible in-between states.

  • Essentially, CSS animations allow smooth transitions between different style setups, offering a dynamic and engaging user experience on the web.

Configuring an animation

  • By styling the desired element with the animation property or any of its sub-properties, you may build a CSS animation sequence.

  • This allows you to set up the animation sequence's timing, length, and other specifics.

  • The actual look of the animation is configured using the @keyframes at-rule. This does not modify the appearance of the animation.

CSS Animation - Sub-properties

The following are the animation property's sub-properties:

Property Description
animation-composition Indicates the composite operation to apply when many animations are having simultaneous effects on the same property.
animation-delay Indicates whether the animation should begin at the beginning of the animation or somewhere along the way, as well as the amount of time that should pass between an element loading and the start of an animation sequence.
animatiom-direction Indicates if the initial iteration of animation should be forward or backward and if iterations after that should continue in the same direction or change direction each time the sequence is executed.
animation-duration Indicates how long it takes for an animation to finish one cycle.
animation-fill-mode Describes the pre-run and post-run styling that an animation applies to its target.
animation-iteration-count Indicates how many times an animation should recur.
animation-name It gives the name of the @keyframes at-rule that describes the keyframes of an animation.
animation-play-state Indicates whether an animation sequence should be played or paused.
animation-timing-function Describes the acceleration curves that are used to specify the keyframe transitions in an animation.