12 Google Ads Extensions for Better Results

After all of your digital marketing efforts, you have created the perfect ad. You’re very confident that it will work. However, after a while, you start doing a test search and notice that the ad is next to another one that looks exactly like Godzilla. You realize that this ad has four mini-links that look like legs, a clickable discount, a store location, and a phone number. If you want to stand a chance at winning the auction, you need to fight this monster with King Kong. Here, you need to use some extensions that can make your ad stand out.

One of the most common factors that people consider when it comes to investing in Google Ads is increasing their click-through rate. In order to achieve this, you need to make sure that the ads are designed to get the most out of them. There are a variety of tools that you can use to improve the performance of your ads, such as Google Ads extensions. Read the entire article to learn more about Google Ads extensions for better results.

What are Google Ads ad Extensions?

Although the name of Google Ads may imply otherwise, its ad extensions are actually additional bonuses that can be added to your PPC ads to increase the amount of real estate that your ads can occupy on the search engine results page. These are also helpful in helping people make informed decisions.

12 Google Ads Extensions for Better Results

Structured Snippet Extension

Structured snippets are snippets that allow users to get a deeper understanding of a certain product or service. They are useful for generating leads because people are more likely to convert if they know what you're talking about. You can use these snippets to talk about specific locations, amenities, or categories.

Sitelink Extensions

A sitelink is an ad extension that's widely used in all kinds of industries and business categories. It's one of the oldest forms of ad extension, and it can help you connect with your potential customers by displaying additional pages of your website. For instance, if your ad is directed to a landing page, but your sitelinks take users to a different page that provides additional value or information, then that's a good thing.

Location Extensions

A location extension is a type of app that lets people easily find their current location or a map of their current location. It can also include a call button or a phone number. This extension can be used for businesses that rely on in-person transactions, such as restaurants, barber shops, and beauty salons.

Affiliate Location Extensions

An affiliate location extension is a type of website that allows merchants who sell their goods through major retail chains to show their nearest stores. This helps search engines find you and your products.

Setting up an affiliate location extension is relatively easy. Just select the Google database of auto dealers or general retailers that you want to target. It will then show the closest proximity of these establishments to the searcher.

Product Extensions

Product extensions are helpful tools that allow you to enhance your Google Merchant account listing. They can also be used in campaigns that target keywords.

Call Extension

A call extension is a great tool for businesses that want to receive calls from their customers. It allows them to put their phone number in the ad, which eliminates friction between their business and the prospect. For instance, the attorney's office can use this tool to generate leads after offering free consultations.

App Extensions

Extensions for Android and iOS are great if you want to show off your app alongside your ad text. They should be especially important if you believe that the app helps drive site purchases, or if you see numerous transactions happening through it.

It's no secret that many people have mobile apps these days. With app extensions, you can easily provide a download link in your message, making it easier for potential users to access your app. You can also track the downloads through keywords.

Seller Rating Extensions

Building trust and showcasing your business' reputation are two of the most important factors that you can consider when it comes to building a strong online reputation. With seller ratings extensions, you can easily see how your business has been compared to other businesses. These ratings are then combined with the number of reviews to create a single rating.

Price Extension

Have you ever been a victim of an oil change price rip-off? I was able to avoid getting ripped off by a mechanic shop that tried to do it with me ahead of time, as I saw an extension for the price. Price extensions are not about preventing employees from deceiving their customers, but rather setting clear expectations. When users see an extension for the price, they are more likely to make an informed purchase.

Image Extensions

Everyone is fighting to get their ads seen first. In this battle, it’s no secret that images are the most effective way to catch the attention of a viewer. A feature known as image extensions lets you use relevant images to complement text ads, and it can help boost performance. However, not every advertiser can benefit from this type of extension. Some of the requirements that must be met include a Google Ads account and a history of compliance.

Lead Form Extensions (New)

A lead form extension from Google Ads allows users to submit their contact details directly to the search results page. This eliminates the need for them to fill out an application form on your site's landing page. If the user is a Google account holder, the relevant data can be pre-populated.

Automated Ad Extensions

You can't manually add these extensions to your ad list. Google automatically chooses the appropriate ones for you based on its evaluation of how they can improve the performance of your ad.


Before you start using an extension, think about its purpose. It’s important to consider the quality of the work that it does and avoid extensions that are not helpful or do not contribute to your main goal. For instance, if you’re planning on using a lot of sitelinks, make sure that they’re not only good for you, but also for the development of your site.

An ad extension is a great tool for increasing clickthroughs, converting more leads, and getting more web visitors. There are so many types that it’s up to you to choose from, and it’s up to you if you want to work with a specific extension that will work for your industry. It’s also up to you if you want to make sure that they’ll work for your budget.

Updated on: 10-May-2023


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