Video Ads for Mobile Devices – A Successful Recipe for Your Digital Campaign

Have you remembered your first book, the first lessons as a kid? Probably you may not recall the text written over there, but one thing you can surely recall that there were attractive images of animals, vehicles, fruits, vegetables and much more, isn’t it? And what about those videos of beautiful rhymes that you loved to watch being a kid? You can still remember a few of them, isn’t it? That is the power of video message; a good video can keep its viewer engaged and leave an impact which can be recalled after long years.

So, why don’t you use the same strategy for advertising your products instead of the boring text messages which people used to ignore at times? Of course, it’s a great idea to create video advertisements of your products to grab the attention of your potential customers. You can create nice and interesting video advertisements to showcase your product’s features which can be viewed by the masses on both mobile devices and laptops/desktops.

Yes, video advertisements are a great idea to get the required attentions and making those videos suitable for mobile devices is like icing on the cake which can generate the much-expected revenues for your business. Usage of mobile devices is increasing day by day. The last year traffic report of YouTube shows that within 4 years the regular traffic it gets from mobile devices has increased significantly from 6% to 50% in 2016. That shows that how much people are using their mobile devices to watching online videos instead of laptops or desktops.

Creating Video Ads for Mobile Users

Creating the video advertisements for mobile devices may not be same as you create for the desktops or laptops. Considering the smaller screen size of mobile devices, it is important to take care a few things while making the videos.

Let’s discuss some key points to keep in mind while making the video ads for mobile devices.

  • Keep the videos short and simple. People may not like to see lengthy videos on the go
  • Create the videos with relevant content as per your nature of business. The viewers should be able to understand your intention by watching the videos
  • Use catchy phrases to grab the quick attention of your viewers. A dull introduction at the beginning may distract your viewers
  • Extensive testing required in checking the video frame sizes. There are various mobile devices of different screen sizes are available in the market. So, it is important to make your videos compatible with various mobile screen sizes
  • The audio and video quality of your advertisements should be acceptable with high-quality content to engage the viewers.
  • If there are some text messages in the video, then make sure that the size of the texts is readable. You should pay attention to the texts and fonts sizes keeping in mind the smaller screen of mobile devices
  • At last, tell the viewers what they should do next in case they are interested in your business. You may leave your contact number, or place a clickable link from where they can reach to your website to get further information

Once your video ad is ready, the next step is to upload it on the right platform.

Targeting Right Platform with Your Video Ads

You cannot just show your video ads on any platform without knowing the relevancy. So, it is important to choose the right platform to place your ads. Based on the type of business you may choose any social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube, where you can buy the space to show your video ads.

For example, let’s assume that you are an event organizer based in a city area. Your aim is to advertise your business to the people living in and around the city. The best options you may choose is to go for social media platforms to place your advertisements considering the fact that large numbers of people use social media on their smartphones. The social media platforms have the potential to reach maximum numbers of people in quick time with fewer efforts.

The social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have contained lots of information about their users that allows you to target a specific group of the audience as per the needs of your business. You may choose a specific age group to target your video advertisements. No worry, the social media platforms can place your ads in front of the appropriate viewers.

Choosing the right place at right time is important for your success. For example, if you are an event organizer, you may target your video ads at marriage seasons on social media sites like Facebook. Which not only grab the quick attention from the viewers, also there are high chances that the viewers may convert to your real customers.

But, be sure that the selection of right social media platform is very important. Before choosing the platform, it is advisable to study the social media network first to know the objective of the people using that platform. While Facebook is more into friends and families for sharing posts, photos and videos with their near and dear ones, the LinkedIn is a network of professionals discussed mostly on the job and technologies related to the industries.

Interesting Tips for Creating Best Video Ads

Here are few tips to make your video engaging to enhance your viewership.

Add little Humour

Humour is something which makes the people happy and engaged. A simple documentary video may not like by many people and they may close it in few seconds. But, if there is something which is interesting at the start then that must keep them engaged to view the video till the end.

Act on the Tune

The success of any video is not all about its visuals, it’s equally important to have an amazing soundtrack. The catchy tune always gets the much-desired attention. So, do not forget to work on the music part that’s relevant to your advertisements. Unnecessary songs or irrelevant dialogues may not work always.

Target the Right Audience

It is important to place your video ads at the right audience to get the intended benefit. And for that, do the necessary research on the various online platforms. It is not mandatory to use only the social media platforms; you can even place your ads on various popular websites by buying the space there.

For example, if you are into the training and coaching business, then you may place your video ads at popular educational sites where the site content is related to the area you are dealing with.

Finally, the video ads have more potential to grab the attention of your target audience than the text messages provided your ads are relevant to your business and you are placing them on the right platforms.

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