How to create rss feeds for google search results

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RSS is a family of Web feed formats used to publish often updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts. An RSS document, which is called a “feed,” “web feed,” or “channel,” contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. An RSS Feed Syndicates web content to make distribution AUTOMATED and EASIER.

Your Daily Customized Newspaper?

RSS Feeds is your locker room, your daily newspaper and your customized record of everything from weblogs, news, videos, audio, video that you can receive about the topic of your choice. It collects all data and accumulates it in a “feed” format. When you create an RSS Feed, you don’t necessarily have to keep checking the website for the update, the feed already collects it for you. The huge task of entering the name on Google is even eliminated as RSS is basically doing all that for you.

How to Create a Feed?

Just follow the below four simple steps –

  • Visit Google Alerts page, it should look something like this:
  • Write in your query in the text box, could be a topic you want to know about
  • Select “Automatic” to search the entire web including audio, video, blogs etc.
  • Deliver to > RSS Feed

You’re done!

Now, all your info required is collected into an accumulated space and you can read later or receive in an email or however you may like it. Basically, you have to really study this page and determine the number of times in a day/week you want the info. You can choose your “Sources” among all the options given. Blog, news, web, finance, books etc.

If you need your search to be specific to any region, you can do that too in the Region list. Results options may include “All” or “only the best” that can make it a little easier to filter content and lastly, create the feed. You can choose more than one topics, obviously and later edit them as well.

Tips for RSS Feeds

  • RSS Feeds can be made specific to a certain website or blog or source and you can make the changes at the time of creating the feed.

  • RSS Feeds are also helpful to bloggers and content creators wherein, they can monitor how many times and how frequently their product is being talked about and how, where, and why this is the best way to keep track of information and study the trends.

  • The region specific options are helpful when the reader wants to study pattern and latest news about a certain topic.

  • Social media businesses can profit from this by monitoring and analysing the data collected from news, blogs, and social media mentions (where you can track which social media website mentions your brand/service the most). This helps to watch the growth or popularity of a specific topic, based on which changes can be made for creating maximum impact.

  • Organizations use this to keep a watch on topics that require privacy or indiscretion or copyrights. This way, if they see their information being used anywhere else, they can take necessary actions and track it all down.

  • You can create a feed for job searches in a specific field or company in a region and this will help you to stay informed.

  • Quality of search depends on the information obtained. A narrow search might not yield as many results as that of a broader comprehensive search.

  • Using IFTTT if this then that, you can convert RSS Feed into a whole different format, read them later or email it to yourself or create a whole summary of your search.

  • Celebrities use this tool to track their popularity and to keep an eye on what is being said about them. PR teams of famous people use this information to stay abreast of all that is talked about and prepare press-conferences and meetings if/when they need to address an issue.

  • Companies use RSS Feeds to track and inspect the reach of their services so that their business can benefit from the data collected.

  • Bloggers and writers extensively use RSS Feeds in a way to oversee the latest topics and trends that they can create content about and get people’s attention.

RSS is a useful tool to make your Internet life comfortable. Currently, it is beneficial to get accustomed to this technology, simply because you are going to be seeing a lot more of it. So, switch to RSS and see the difference!

Updated on 11-May-2022 11:36:33