11 Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Beginners

The Mediterranean diet of plant-based foods cooked in olive oil has been practiced for centuries. Italy, Greece, and Turkey are some countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea in Europe. Research revealed that these regions have some of the longest-lived persons, and heart disease was less common. Live long, eat well, be heart-healthy and say goodbye to certain wild cravings. Follow a diet that protects from certain cancers and guards against mental problems like Alzheimer’s disease.

Start with Salad Ideas

1.Creamy Greek Salad Pasta

The base is a refreshing Greek yogurt dressing full of luscious cream and magical herbs. Greek yogurt contains protein and probiotics. The variety of vegetables could include bell peppers, corn, tomatoes, and onion. They provide phytonutrients. Cook the pasta and let it cool. The three tiers of pasta, yogurt, and vegetables make for a sumptuous and memorable treat. Honey or sugar added to yogurt makes it less tangy but mix it well. Further additions are possible, like peas, red kidney beans, and basil. Chop the vegetables. Cook the pasta, drain, and cool. Put all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. Add salt. Serve immediately or refrigerate for an hour.

2. Arugula and Orange Salad

Looks undoubtedly matter in the food world, and here is a stunning sight. Arugula or rocket has a buttery and peppery taste. Combine syrupy sweet oranges with baby arugula. Along with goat cheese, get almonds and radishes. Roasted white fish provides the chief interest. Add a little cinnamon and lemon dressing. Toast the almonds and let them cool. Put the arugula into a bowl with the oranges, almonds, cheese, and radish on top. Put olive oil, lemon juice, honey, and salt in another bowl. When to serve, spread the dressing over the salad and toss. Serve soon.

Give Thought to Side Dishes

3. Chickpeas Hummus

Grind chickpeas with olive oil and sesame seeds. Add lemon and garlic. Alternatively, put chickpeas in a pan with cardamom, red pepper, and cumin. It is a spicy and crispy treat. Add the mixture to salads and even eat it independently as a nutritious and tasty snack.

4. Chicken Orzo or Pasta

Aim for the heavenly Mediterranean cuisine taste, and it is done in 30 minutes. Along with the whole wheat pasta and chicken, shop for oregano and basil, parsley, and olives. Feta or sheep cheese is an important addition. Cook the pasta and let it cool. Boil the chicken separately. Oregano and basil, parsley, and olives are stir-fried in olive oil. Add the bits of cheese after thoroughly mixing all the ingredients.

A Super Breakfast

5. Mozzarella and Zucchini Frittata

This easy-to-make recipe goes well with salad or baguette for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Get the ingredients together. Along with mozzarella and zucchini, tomatoes and onions, salt and pepper are essential. Fresh basil and eggs may be added. Heat oil in a skillet, add onion and zucchini, and cook till soft. Whisk the eggs in a bowl and pour the eggs over the vegetables. Add mozzarella and tomatoes on top, along with basil. After the cooking, use a spatula around the edges to release the frittata from the pan.

6. Greek Lemon Potatoes

Healthy fried options are difficult to find. Avoid deep-fried food at all costs. Here are oven-cooked potatoes that satisfy those cravings so well. Nothing could be simpler for beginners too. First, coat the potatoes with garlic powder, olive oil, and lemon juice. After roasting to the appropriate level, the outer part gets crisp. The interior tastes like butter. Yummy indeed.

7. Grilled Salmon with Veggies

The dish looks colorful and tastes very good. Grilling is a simple process in the microwave. The salmon becomes quite moist and flaky after the grilling, melting in the mouth. Onion and whatever vegetables are added get crispy and energizing. An excellent accompaniment would be quinoa or brown rice. Satiety is close with such a wow spread.

8. Spaghetti with Broccoli

Pasta seems everywhere in the Mediterranean diet as it deserves to be. The whole-grain pasta in this recipe needs to be more cooked. The undercooking lowers the glycemic index. The whole-grain noodles are undoubtedly the best. In a pot of salted boiling water, add the broccoli stalks and cook until tender. Now put the broccoli in ice water. Remove and dry them. Put the spaghetti in the same pot and cook but only partially. Take a large skillet and mix the oil, broccoli, red pepper, garlic, and salt. Drain the pasta. Put the drained pasta in the skillet. Put lemon juice on top, along with any other preferred seasonings.

9. Tomato and Roasted Vegetable Risotto

With gluten-free plant food, this is an excellent dinner dish. Creamy rich but not heavy; it is the right balance. Keep stirring the rice with olive oil, onion, and garlic. After removing from heat, add butter and cheese and fresh herbs. Roast or saute the vegetables. Add the vegetables to the rice and cook further. After removing from heat, add seasonings like basil, salt, and pepper. Additional butter or oil makes it creamier.

10. Sweet Potato Hash

High in potassium and fiber, sweet potato is low in calories. High in Vitamin A and fat-free, get calcium, magnesium, and Vitamins B6 and E. Along with the sweet potato, arrange for onion and garlic. Avocado oil or olive oil is refined. Chili powder and pepper, along with kale and salt too. Add preferred additional seasonings. Saute the garlic, onion, and pepper until soft. Add more oil and cook the sweet potatoes until tender. Mix the sauteed vegetables with the sweet potatoes and add salt and pepper. Eggs could be added at the final step.

11. Cauliflower Salad

Salads deliver a lot of benefits. Add other veggies to the cauliflower. Gluten-free, cauliflowers are intensely healthy and very nutritious. Chop all the veggies into small pieces and add garlic, parsley, fresh lemon juice, and olive oil. Tomatoes and cucumber enhance the flavors. Onion, kosher salt, and pepper add further zing. After chopping the cauliflower, put it in a food processor for a few rounds until shredded fine. In a mixing bowl, add the chopped vegetables and seasonings while mixing well. Wait a few minutes for the absorption process before serving.

Dietary changes may take time but always remember the mighty health benefits of a simpler eating lifestyle with ample exercise. Avoid excessive sodium, and red meats and limit tobacco and alcohol intake. Start with the easy Mediterranean diets and go for more complex ones later.

Updated on: 30-Jan-2023


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