10 Supplements That May Help Diabetes

The recent growth in diabetic patients is a matter of concern among all. Once people are diagnosed with this disease, the pancreas does not produce the necessary Insulin for the body. Insulin is necessary to regulate the body's glucose. Individuals suffering from Diabetes can also suffer from other health risk factors like heart problems, nerve damage, kidney ailment, eye damage, etc.

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Are Supplements good for Diabetes?

Diabetic patients need to be under proper treatment and regular checking to avoid the adverse effect of high blood sugar. Healthcare providers normally suggest several medications for diabetic patients. However, at present many opt for supplements to get rid of high blood sugar. Benefits of supplements for diabetic patients.

  • Get essential nutrients- Many dietary supplements can help diabetic patients to get the proper nutritional value. Diabetic patients can get enough fiber, calcium, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids to get the best healing treatment.

  • Maintenance of Magnesium- Magnesium is helpful in maintaining the body's glucose, and hence supplements rich in magnesium are helpful for diabetic patients. 

Top Supplements for Diabetic Patients

Doctors and scientists are still working on finding the best remedies for diabetic patients. Several herbs can be used as a supplement to reduce blood sugar levels. All can check the below supplements, which can help in the reduction of blood sugar levels in people.


Supplements for Cinnamon contain cinnamon whole or powder. As per research, it has been noticed that cinnamon powder helps in lowering blood sugar and thus controls Diabetes.

Many studies have also confirmed that Cinnamon helps in maintaining body insulin. Small doses of cinnamon supplements can cause a problem within individuals, but the high dose can cause problems for those who suffer from liver problems. Hence it is suggested to consult with doctors before you opt for cinnamon supplements.

Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon, also known as Momordica Charantia, is an effective remedy for those with high blood sugar levels. Consumption of bitter Melon helps decrease fasting blood sugar levels. Bitter Melon consists of various nutrients that can surely benefit your health. Doctors recommend the consumption of bitter Melon regularly. It seems beneficial for those suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Bitter Melon contains anti-diabetic properties, which help a lot in lowering blood sugar. Besides treating Diabetes, bitter Melon is also used to heal other health issues like colic, Fever, Burns, Chronic cough, painful menstruation, and skin problems.

American Ginseng

Healthcare providers often suggest American Ginseng extract for those who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Doctors suggest consuming 1 gram of American Ginseng almost 40 minutes before breakfast and other daily meals. This supplement should be taken for at least two months to get the best result.

Besides treating Diabetes, consuming American Ginseng can improve brain activity and lower the chances of erectile dysfunction. These supplements help in boosting the immune system, and it is helpful for cancer patients.


In managing diabetes complications, doctors often recommend consuming ammonium salt, such as Berberine. This supplement helps work against oxidative pressure as well as irritation. Doctors suggest consuming this salt to lower the glucose level in the blood.

Apart from lowering the blood sugar level, this ammonium salt also delivers other health benefits like maintaining healthy cholesterol levels in the blood, improving neuro-productive factors, showing antibacterial potentials, increasing bile secretion, and helping in discharging bilirubin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a common herb that comes with immense health benefits. Some studies have proven that Aloe Vera can help lower blood sugar levels. The extract of aloe vera can reduce the fasting glucose in the blood.

Consumption of aloe vera extract regularly can help reduce symptoms relating to Diabetes. Aloe Vera can also help improve wounds' healing process and lower the chances of inflammation. Besides improving blood sugar levels, this plant extract is also beneficial for all kidney diseases.

Vitamin D

Individuals often suffer from Type 2 diabetes due to Vitamin D insufficiency. The proper balance of Vitamin D can improve the functionality of pancreatic cells, and hence insulin production is properly maintained.


Doctors often suggest Gymnema for those who are suffering from Diabetes. This herb helps to lower fasting blood sugar for those suffering from Type 1 diabetes. It has also been noticed that consumption of Gymnema can also lower cravings for sweets.

Nigella Sativa

Nigella Sativa comes from the family Ranunculaceae, and this herb is used to treat health issues like digestive problems, diarrhea, blood sugar, and skin disorders.

Consumption of Nigella Sativa helps in reducing fasting glucose and controlling Insulin. Many studies have proven that Nigella Sativa is great for those suffering from Type 2 diabetes. 


A chromium deficiency is another excellent way to control glucose levels in the blood. It helps to regulate the glucose level in the body. It has been noticed in different studies that chromium can reduce A1C by 0.6% among those who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

Chromium helps to enhance the effect of Insulin, and it also supports pancreatic cells to produce enough Insulin. Doctors suggest consuming chromium from 200 mg per day to 1000 mg per day. 


Magnesium plays a vital role in controlling blood sugar levels. Many diabetic patients have received immense benefits from consuming magnesium. It controls insulin and carbohydrate metabolism. It also helps Insulin to work effectively.

Several fresh vegetables are available with magnesium. Spinach, kale, Pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds contain sufficient magnesium, which helps maintain the blood's insulin level.

Besides fresh vegetables, a diabetic patient can consume whole grains, lentils, almonds, and cashews to get enough magnesium. The above supplements can help diabetic patients properly maintain Insulin in the body.


Many studies have revealed that supplements work excellently in reducing blood sugar levels. Patients of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can get immense benefits from consuming supplements, as mentioned above in the content. However, it is suggested to consult with doctors before you opt for any supplement for diabetes treatments.

Updated on: 29-Mar-2023


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