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In older versions of SAP GRC, to use access control, process control and risk management, there was a separate navigation for each component. This means that users, to perform cross component duties, had to login to each module separately and login multiple times. This resulted in a tough process to manage multiple windows and documents to search was also tough.

Process Control

SAP GRC 10.0 provides direct navigation to access control, process control and risk management components for a single user as per authorization and removes the management of multiple windows.

Step 1 − To perform customizing activities and maintain configuration settings for GRC solution, go to T-code − SPRO → SAP Reference IMG

Reference Img

Step 2 − Expand Governance, Risk and Compliance node −

GRC Node

Step 3 − Logon to NetWeaver Business Client −

Run the transaction for NWBC in SAP Easy access.

It will open NetWeaver Business Client screen and you will receive the following url −

Business Client

SAP GRC Work Centers

You can use Work Centers to provide a central access point for GRC 10.0. They can be organized based on what the customer has been licensed to operate.

Step 1 − To access Work Centers, open NetWeaver Business Client as mentioned above. Go to /nwbc option at the top to open Work Centers.

Option at Top

Step 2 − Once you click, you will be directed to the home screen of SAP NetWeaver Business client.

Home Screen

Depending on the products that you have licensed, different components of the GRC solution are displayed − Access Control, Process Control, or Risk Management.

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