SAP BPC - Business Process Flows


Business Process Flows are used to guide users with predefined set of application tasks. These steps should be performed in a series and can have sub steps too.

Sub steps in process flow shouldn’t be executed in a sequence and may not be required at each iteration. Also note that Business Process Flows can only be defined for end user tasks and not for administrative tasks.

Following Business Process Flow features can be used −

Personal To-do List

This list is used to display the steps and sub steps assigned to you or the completed steps that you need to review. These are called step regions.

To-do list contains the name and status of each step region. They can have the following statuses −

  • Action Required − Waiting for completion as new step

  • Review Required − Step is awaiting review and action is completed

  • Completed − Step is completed

  • Rejected − Step has failed to pass the conditions in completion status

  • Pending − Step is waiting for reopened step to be completed

There are various other “To-do list” status like reopen, waiting proper work status, waiting for reopen and unavailable.

Reopen and Reset

You can also reopen a completed step or reset a particular instance or a set of business process flow instances. To reopen a step, it should have the following criteria −

  • Allow reopen attribute should be included in step.

  • Step status should be complete.

  • You can only open one previous step at a time and steps can be opened in a sequence.

  • If a step has an attribute Enable Reviewers, users can’t reopen this step directly but can send an email request to reviewer.

  • The user has ReopenBPFStep task security assignment.

Completed Steps

All completed steps are audited by system and displayed in the report.

Locked Dimension Precedence

All the locked dimensions that are not specified in Business Process flow current view remain locked in any open worksheet.

Copying a Business Process Flow − Login to Business Planning and Consolidation Administration → Business Process Flows.

Locked Dimension

List of all BPF is displayed. To copy a BPF, select BPF and click ‘Save As’. Enter the name and description of BPF and save as BPF.

Locked Dimension

Similarly, you can reset a Business Process flow, using manage option by selecting reset process flow instances.