SAP BPC - Custom Menu


Custom menu provides a summary of a business process and also provides a link to useful information used in the process. BPC administrators are responsible to create custom menus and assign access rights so that only required people see these menus. There is a possibility that you can have multiple users with different access rights on a single custom menu.

A custom menu is defined using custom menu template. EV_MENUSTYLE worksheet of custom menu template is used to define format, content, functions and parameters of custom menu.

Designing a Custom Menu

You can use custom menu template to define format, content, and functions in custom menu. You can use sample templates in ApShell or can create a custom menu by creating a new worksheet within an existing menu.

The sample template contains multiple worksheets −

  • EV_DEFAULT − To define content of custom menu.

  • EV_MENUSTYLE − To define format of custom menu.

  • ADMINGROUP − This is the same as EV_DEFAULT but only edited for users in admin group.

To create a custom menu template

Go to BPC Excel eTools → Custom menu manager → Open Custom menu.

Custom Menu

You can find sample custom menu templates under EXCEL/Reports/Wizard/ProcessMenu. There are various custom menu functions that can be used to perform various common excel activities such as −


Custom Menu Content

Custom menu content is defined by two section in custom menu template - Default section and Menu item section.

Following default parameters can be defined for EVDEFAULT.

Parameters Options

Value is True − It opens the custom menu in Excel interface.

Value is False − It opens the custom menu in Standard Excel.


If Value is True − It will hide the Planning and Consolidation Toolbar.

If Value is False − It will display the Planning and Consolidation Toolbar.


It is used to define the dimensions that has to be displayed on the top of custom menu page. These dimensions can be changed into the report mentioned in Custom menu.

Menu Item section includes the following parameters −

  • Menu Item − Text description that the user can select for menu item.

  • Actions − Highlight, custom menu function or Menu command.

  • Level − Level can be selected from section, item or sub item.

  • Parameters − For custom menu functions.

  • Normal Screen − Default is full screen. This is set true, open custom menu in Normal screen

  • CVOverride − This is used to change current view dimensions while switching applications.