phpMyAdmin - Status


phpMyAdmin provides a six types of statuses under Status Tab.

  • Server − Server Status tab describes the MySQL/MariaDB server status in terms of traffic and connections that server is handling. It also shares the replication status.

Server Status
  • Processes − Processes like root, event scheduler are shared on this dashboard. We can kill them as well.

Processes Status
  • Queries − Query Statistics tell about the types and count of queries that has been run using phpMyAdmin interface. It includes the queries run plus the queries run by phpMyAdmin in background.

Queries Status
  • All Status Variables − All kind of status variables are listed here with their value and description. User can filter on these variables as well.

  • Monitor − Monitor dashboard helps in visual way to check and control traffic, cpu usages, connections, processes, questions, system memory and system swaps.

  • Advisor − Advisor helps in analyzing the problems and provides advices for performance bottlenecks. It also provides insights on generally faced problems.