phpMyAdmin - Exports


phpMyAdmin provides an intuitive user interface to export database(s).

Export Dashboard

Click on Go button and phpMyAdmin will generate SQL required to create databases/tables and other relevant entities.

Instead of SQL, user can choose other popular options as well like csv, json, yaml etc.

Export Options

Now select the custom option and phpMyAdmin will show lots of options like

  • Databases − A list of databases to be selected. User can select multiple databases.

  • Output − Options to save output to a file with customization options like name, charset, compression. It also provides options to skip large tables, rename exported databases/tables/columns and so on.

  • Format Specific Options − Options to display/hide comments, enclose export in a transaction, export views as tables, export metadata and database selection for compatabilities and so.

  • Object Creation Options − Options to add drop database/tables etc if exists, auto increment id, add create view, add create trigger statements, using backquotes to enclose table and column names etc.

  • Data Creation Options − Options to truncate table before insert delayed statements and insert ignore statements. Options to choose format while preparing sql for insert data, set the maximum length of created query, dump timestamp columns in UTC etc.