phpMyAdmin - Overview


phpMyAdmin is one the most popular, free and open source administration tool which can manage MySQL and MariaDB. It is licensed under GNU GPLv2. It has a web based interface and can be used on any platform easily. It is available in 79 languages. It is PHP based and is provided by almost all the Web hosting solution providers who supports WAMP/LAMP development stack.

phpMyAdmin can be used to do useful functions like managing databases, tables, relations, indexes, user permissions etc using its web based user interface. It also support a query interface, where user can type SQL commands and run.

phpMyAdmin is neatly documented and lots of learning material is available in form of books, blogs and articles for it. phpMyAdmin supports for LTR and RTL languages.

phpMyAdmin development is community driven and is hosted on GitHub. It is also a member of Software Freedom Conservancy which is not-for-profit organization and helps promote, improve, develop and defends free and open source projects.


Following are the vital components which are required to work with phpMyAdmin.

  • Web Server − Apache, Nginx, IIS.

  • PHP − PHP 7.1.3+ is required to work with phpMyAdmin 5.1.1. mysqli and openssl extensions should be enabled.

  • Database − MySQL 5.5 or MariaDB 5.5 onwards

  • Web Browser − As phpMyAdmin is a web based application, web browser is required to access it like Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc.