Job Search Skills - Portfolio

Portfolio is the collection of one’s best work samples and experience in an artistic way. It is a great way to describe yourself to a prospective employer and prove your capability. However, a portfolio is not necessarily required for all professionals; for example, a person of an IT field, normally does not need to create a portfolio, but professionals related of fashion technology, architect, photographer, etc. essentially need to create their portfolio.

The Need for Portfolio

Normally, neither will you have the time to filter and explain your all important projects nor an employer will have time to listen to you for long. Therefore, the best way to describe your work experience and achievements is to create a portfolio.

A smartly and artistically created portfolio is a substantial attraction and helps to convince the prospective employer to think about you.

Essentials of Portfolio

Following are some of the important features of a portfolio −

  • Properly indexed.
  • Information in order.
  • Important points highlighted.
  • Font and color perfectly matched.
  • Only relevant images used and placed properly.
  • Compact structure and not bulky.
  • Overall balance in look and quality.
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