Job Search Skills - Goal Setting

Once there is self-realization, the next step is to set your goal. We will discuss in this chapter the importance of setting achievable goals.

What is a Goal?

A goal is your ultimate wish, desire, dream, and source of happiness that you want to attain. Goal can be decided only after thorough self-introspection. Remember, don’t keep any confusion at this point, and don’t make any error because all your activities will be solely goal oriented. Any mistake can cause a big problem for you.

What is an Ideal Goal?

Before you set a goal, you need to pay attention to the following points. It will help you to choose a right and achievable goal −

  • Specific − Your goal has to be specific. No confusion should remain in your mind. Once you set this, make a resolution to achieve it at any cost. For example, if your goal is to work for the Apple Company or be a CIA agent, stick with it.

  • Measurable and Achievable − Your goal should not be abstract; it must be decided only after an analysis of your wish, skill sets, your education, and immediate circumstances. So that you can visualize your goal and can make the right strategy to achieve that. For example, you are a very good management student, but also like basketball; you have very good knowledge of basketball game, but you never played. In such a situation, do not get confused, basketball is your likeness, but your expertise lies in management area.

  • Relevant − Some goals are of such kind that it is fascinating for certain period of time, but later on loses its relevancy. For example, generally an athlete girl cannot pursue her goal for a long time; future circumstances post marriage might create many problems in her personal as well as professional life.

  • Time Framework − You have to fix a time period to attain your goal.

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