Job Search Skills - Exercise

The following exercise will help you identify and develop your professional skills and choices; all you need to do is – read and answer them correctly and honestly −

What are the five values or satisfaction levels important for you?






Why are these values important to you?

What are the things that you want to avoid being in a job?

What is it that you are expecting from your new job?

What level of opportunity are you looking for (learning, advanced, or money-oriented)?

What is your plan – are you ready to travel/relocate or do you want a job in a specific location?

Can you relocate if you get a very good opportunity?

What is most important for you – salary, location, position, company, or something else (please specify)?

What are the types of jobs where you can use your strengths?

Make a list of the companies, which offer such kind of jobs.

Do you need any training to prepare yourself for the job of your choice?

What is your backup plan in case a particular job area does not interest you?

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