The provides for system input and output through data streams, serialization and the file system.

Interface Summary

S.N.Interface & Description
1 Closeable
This is a source or destination of data that can be closed.
2 DataInput
This provides for reading bytes from a binary stream and reconstructing from them data in any of the Java primitive types.
3 DataOutput
This provides for converting data from any of the Java primitive types to a series of bytes and writing these bytes to a binary stream.
4 Externalizable
This provides only the identity of the class of an Externalizable instance is written in the serialization stream and it is the responsibility of the class to save and restore the contents of its instances.
5 FileFilter
This is a filter for abstract pathnames.
6 FilenameFilter
This is instances of classes that implement this interface are used to filter filenames.
7 Flushable
This is a destination of data that can be flushed.
8 ObjectInput
This extends the DataInput interface to include the reading of objects.
9 ObjectInputValidation
This is the callback interface to allow validation of objects within a graph.
10 ObjectOutput
This is the objectOutput extends the DataOutput interface to include writing of objects.
11 ObjectStreamConstants
The constants written into the Object Serialization Stream.
12 Serializable
This is enabled by the class implementing the interface.