Eclipse - Explore Menus


Typical Eclipse Menus

The typical menus available on the menu bar of an Eclipse window are:

  • File menu
  • Edit menu
  • Navigate menu
  • Search menu
  • Project menu
  • Run menu
  • Window menu
  • Help menu

Plug-ins can add new menus and menu items. For example when the java editor is open you will see the Source menu and when the XML editor is open you will the Design menu.

Brief Description of Menus

Menu NameDescription
FileThe File menu allows you to open files for editing, close editors, save editor content and rename files. Among the other things, it also allows you to import and export workspace content and shutdown Eclipse.
EditThe Edit menu presents items like copy & paste.
SourceThe Source menu is visible only when a java editor is open. It presents a number of useful menu items related to editing java source code.
NavigateThe Navigate menu allows you to quickly locate resources and navivate to them.
SearchThe Search menu presents items that allow you to search the workspace for files that contain specific data.
ProjectThe menu items related to building a project can be found on the Project menu.
RunThe menu items on the Run menu allow you to start a program in the run mode or debug mode. It also allows presents menu items that allow you to debug the code.
WindowThe Window menu allows you to open and close views and perspectives. It also allows you to bring up the Preferences dialog.
HelpThe Help menu can be used to bring up the Help window, Eclipse Marketplace view or Install new plug-ins. The about Eclipse menu item gives you version information.

Customizing Menus

The visible menu items on a menu depend on the installed plug-ins and customization done using the Customize Perspective dialog box.