Eclipse - Add Bookmarks


About Bookmarks

Eclipse editors allow you to place a book mark on any line within the editor. You can use bookmarks to serve as reminders and quickly navigate to any line in a file.

Adding a bookmark

To set a bookmark right click on the vertical ruler near the line on which you want the bookmark and select "Add Bookmark"

In the Add Bookmark dialog box enter a name for the Bookmark

A bookmark icon appears in the vertical ruler. Also, a row is added to the table in the Bookmarks view.

Opening the Bookmarks View

To open the Bookmarks view:

  • Click on the Window menu and select Show View > Other
  • In the filter text box enter Bookmark
  • Under General select Bookmarks
  • Click on OK

Using the Bookmarks View

The Bookmarks view shows bookmarks placed in resources across the workspace.

Using the Bookmarks view you can navigate to a bookmark by double clicking on a bookmark or right clicking on a bookmark and selecting "Go to" menu item.