Workplace Politics - Deviance Worksheets


Most often, companies have informal teams that employees form among themselves as per their comfort levels and agenda. These unassigned teams move together, dine together, and form their own plans together. They may not welcome people freely into their group from a lack of transparency.

The following worksheet is intended to present a realistic assessment of your workplace so that you reflect on the working conditions of your company, and facilitate a discussion about office politics, business networking, professional socializing and personal behaviors with other employees.

  • Recall a brief incident of something that went well in your office this week −

  • What actions caused the good event? What was your contribution in that action? How much did others contribute?

  • Why don’t these successful events happen every day or every week?

  • Are the staff in your office expected to be formal or informal with each other? What social functions are new associates asked to attend? What is the appropriate attire at the office and other business events?

  • What tips would you use to impress your supervisor?

  • What, according to you, would be the best methods to socialize and get to know other people in your business community?

  • What are the social or office behaviors that could spell doom for a new associate’s career while working in your office?

  • Are employee’s titles, business relationships and job responsibilities clearly explained to the new associates when they join the company?

  • Do the support staff get treated with respect in your company?

  • What, according to you, should be the “do’s and don’ts” of dealing with support staff, colleagues, and co-workers.

  • If your boss has an assistant, what are the tasks that you could assign him and how would you go about that?

  • Do you seek assistance before taking action on something that you are not sure about? Do you report your mistakes immediately when you realize it, or do you try to cover up?

  • Is decision-making an easy process in your office? Is there too much conflict on the right decision or is there a passive acceptance of ideas?

  • What are your strengths and how do they help in creating a support system for your co-workers to depend on, in their time of need?

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