Why should students read newspapers?

In today’s age, media plays a very important role in keeping Public informed and also in shaping the views and opinions. Thus, it is important for all the educated citizens who have access to newspapers should read it regularly. Newspapers are also economical and easily accessible.

For the student community, it is of utmost importance to read newspapers daily owing to the following reasons −

Newspapers are storehouses of knowledge

  • There is no denial of the fact that students who read newspapers regularly have a plethora of knowledge about different topics like national and international affairs, sports events, academic, and research-based articles and editorials.

  • This knowledge keeps adding each and every day. Thus, newspapers remain one of the biggest sources of information for different fields.

Improves vocabulary

  • While reading books gives us a chance to enhance vocabulary, newspapers give us a chance to develop our personal dictionary with reference to a lot of technical and legal terms.

  • This can be especially helpful for students who are pursuing law or preparing for competitive examinations. Both the communications and reading comprehension skills are improved through the practice of newspaper reading.


  • While there is sufficient time to read just one paper in a day, students are always encouraged by their professors to read different newspapers. This is mainly to gauge different perspectives.

  • Some papers write pro-government while some papers are anti-government. Political parties also influence the writings of journalists. Students who develop a practice of reading different newspapers also stand on an edge over others in debates, discussions, and quizzes. They eventually develop an unbiased approach and holistic perspective for any pressing issue.

Keeps students aware

  • One of the key reasons why newspaper reading forms the cornerstone of a student’s life is the amount of awareness it generates in minds of the students.

  • Newspapers serve as a constant reminder to them that they have an important role to play as a citizen of this nation and also the global community. This is owing to the fact that there are grave issues like terrorism, corruption, gender discrimination, lack of governance, etc that needs to be tackled by young educated minds.

Other content

  • While newspapers provide a lot of information about current affairs, there are other areas of content that are covered in newspapers like entertainment, career options, advertisements of products, film reviews, which can keep the students informed and alert and also share this information with others.

Updated on: 29-Jun-2020


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