HTML Deprecated Tags

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With the introduction of HTML5, many tags under HTML4 were deprecated. With that, some attributes we also added to the list of deprecated attributes −

<applet>Deprecated. Specifies an applet<object>
<basefont>Deprecated. Specifies a base font
<center>Deprecated. Specifies centered texttext-align
<dir>Deprecated. Specifies a directory list
<embed>Deprecated. Embeds an application in a document<object>
<font>Deprecated. Specifies text font, size, and colorfont-family, fontsize
<isindex>Deprecated. Specifies a single-line input field
<listing>Deprecated. Specifies listing of items<pre>
<menu>Deprecated. Specifies a menu list
<plaintext>Deprecated. Specifies plaintext<pre>
<s>Deprecated. Specifies strikethrough texttext-decoration
<strike>Deprecated. Specifies strikethrough texttext-decoration
<u>Deprecated. Specifies underlined texttext-decoration
<xmp>Deprecated. Specifies preformatted text<pre>
Updated on 17-Sep-2019 07:55:19