Why Selenium IDE is not used for dynamic Website testing?

Selenium IDE is not used for dynamic testing. It can be used for a quick solution for a simple automation scenario, but not for developing an entire regression suite. The reasons for doing so are listed below −

  • Selenium IDE is a Firefox plugin and hence mostly compatible with only Firefox browser.

  • Selenium IDE is majorly used for prototyping purpose and can be used to automate static web pages only. There can be multiple issues if we try to test a dynamic page with Selenium IDE.

  • Instead of Selenium IDE, Selenium webdriver can be used since it provides a programming interface to identify elements and perform actions on them while creating a test case.

  • Selenium IDE is mostly used for its record and play feature and not to automate a dynamic website having complex automation scenarios.

  • Selenium IDE does not assist object oriented programming.

  • The elements can be identified only with absolute xpath in Selenium IDE.

  • In case of a dynamic webpage, we may have to handle multiple navigations, alerts, pop-ups and so on. All these cannot be handled with Selenium IDE.

  • Mouse and keyboard movements cannot be performed with Selenium IDE.

  • Selenium IDE does not have the ability to support listeners.

  • Selenium IDE cannot be adopted for the cross-browser testing.