Why do we use WebDriver instead of Selenium IDE?

We can use webdriver instead of Selenium IDE. The Selenium IDE is a record and playback tool but not dependable. The web elements which are dynamic cannot be handled well with Selenium IDE.

Selenium IDE can be used for an easy solution to automation, but for a full regression suite, Selenium webdriver should be used. Some of the differences between Selenium IDE and Selenium webdriver are −

Sl. No.Selenium IDESelenium Webdriver
1.It supports only Firefox.It supports all the major browsers.
2.Simply a record and playback tool.Not a record and playback tool.
3.Architecture based on Javascript.Architecture not based on Javascript. Communicates with browser applications.
4.Does not support object oriented programming.Supports an object oriented program.
5.Mouse movement cannot be performed.Mouse movement can be performed.
6.Supports only absolute xpath.Supports both absolute and relative xpath.
7.Does not support listeners.Supports listeners.
8.IPhone/Android testing cannot be done.IPhone/Android testing can be done.
9.Available in form of GUI build test script.Additional Jars need to be added to build test script
10.Does not support navigation.Supports navigation.
11.Cannot work upon dynamic elements.Can work upon dynamic elements.
12.Cannot work upon alert.Can work upon alert.