Why is water management important for us?

Water is an extremely sacred resource for the existence of mankind. From the ancient times, water in the form of major rivers established the prominent world civilizations like Mesopotamia, Egyptian, Chinese, Harappan, etc. In ancient India, it formed the part of Pachamahabutas (five elements of nature) that were revered and worshipped by the people.

But in the 21st century, research has proved the fact that people are reaching a point where water will be as expensive as mineral oil. It is not surprising that we have exploited nature to such an extent that there is bound to be ‘Water Crisis’ around the globe. Mahatma Gandhi rightly said that the Earth has enough for everyone’s needs and not the greed.

Hence, it is high time that we start water management considering the following reasons -

To stop pollution of water bodies

  • One of the major issues that are increasing at an alarming rate is that different water bodies like rivers, oceans, lakes, bays, etc are getting polluted due to the population explosion.

  • We are losing the actual amount of potable water that should be present on the planet. Water bodies like the ground water are exploited to the fullest for the vested interests of some people. This will lead to a day when there won’t be any ground water reservoirs left.

Utilization of the resources

  • Water management helps in developing efficient irrigation practices for the betterment of agriculture in the country.

  • Proper utilization of water in our homes too can save this precious resource. Water management teaches us to use a limited amount of water whenever required. This keeps every citizen accountable for any wastage that occurs.

  • We need to preserve water resources for future generations. There are different statuary commissions established by the government and NGOs that are working towards sustainable protection of water resources. However, it is the grass-root level changes that bring a positive impact and citizen’s initiative matters the most.

Prevent any form of natural disaster

  • Global Warming is depleting the existing natural resources and people’s craze for industrial progress is worsening the situation. In such circumstance, our water resources are victims of the environmental issues that emerge.

  • There are famines, droughts, floods, and many countries are repeatedly hit by them time and again.

  • There are extremes in the climate and it is the misuse of water bodies that has led to this problem. Right water management helps in maintaining the cycle of nature and the existing biodiversity.

Updated on: 06-May-2022

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