Why is social reputation necessary for the scientific community people?

Social reputation is a common desire for every human being. Having lived in a society, any person acquires some reputation depending on the behavior, etiquettes, profession, maintenance, nature etc. from the people around him. When we refer to a group of people who belong to a certain community, they usually form societies and communities and plan activities as we witness in social media daily, to increase their social reputation. Such activities often involve social causes.

Scientific Community People

People who took science as their profession, especially Scientists, researchers, scholars etc. can be referred to as Scientific Community people. Unlike normal people, they spend most of their lives in experimenting and researching. They are sometimes too much into it that they merely bother even about themselves until they get their results.

People who work for the development of science and scientific technologies that help the society to advance are of course important and will certainly have some social reputation. But as their work engulfs them so much that they are almost forgotten by society, their dedication and persistence are to be highly appreciated. So, in my opinion, social reputation is really necessary for scientific community people as well.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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