The Importance Of Technical SEO For Online Reputation Management

This article will take an in-depth look at the key components of technical SEO that can be used to boost online reputation management efforts. We'll cover why having optimized meta data tags and creating sitemaps are crucial for improving website rankings, as well as discuss how specialized tools such as keyword research help inform effective optimization strategies. Finally, we'll provide tips on how you can use content to further leverage technical SEO improvements towards establishing better control over brand identity across the major SERPs.

Benefits Of Technical SEO For Online Reputation Management

Below are the benefits of Technical SEO for ORM. Let’s read it and understand how these are helpful.

Faster Visibility In SERP

When someone searches for you or your brand, you need them to see your website and information on the first page of SERP. However, sometimes due to technical errors, google can’t crawl or index your website. This could happen due to several factors.

The role of technical SEO is to assess the crawl ability and indexability of your web pages and site. It ensures everything is in order, and nothing prevents Googlebot from crawling and indexing your site.

For example, if you mistakenly put an important webpage in the ‘no follow’ list, google skips the page while crawling. As a result, the page won’t rank in Google or any other search engine.

Ranks Higher On The Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Backlinks are incredibly crucial for gaining credibility for your content. When a highly authoritative site gives you a backlink, it says they trust your content. As a result, Google also trusts your content. So, getting good quality links is really helpful in ranking higher.

So how can technical SEO help you with ranking your ORM articles?

Well, it does through competitor analysis. As we mentioned earlier, Google loves high-quality backlinks. Although, what if your competitors have the same backlinks?

With technical SEO tools like SEO SpyGlass, Semrush, Ahrefs, etc., you can check how many and what kind of links your nearest competitors have.

This way, you will have a basic idea to compare the quality and number of links between your site and your competitors.

Note − Focus on getting quality links from highly authoritative sites. Make sure the links are relevant to your content.

For instance, if you are a fashion brand, aim to get links from famous fashion bloggers. Similarly, if you are writing an ORM article about a celebrity, a backlink from a news article about the celebrity will be helpful.

The quantity of backlinks doesn’t matter in most cases. This is because Google checks whether the link you receive is relevant to your content.

Fixes Wrong Page Ranking Issues

When you write an ORM page for your brand, you probably use keywords. This means when someone searches for ‘XYZ’ in Google, they will see the ORM page in their search results. However, sometimes some other pages get ranked instead of the page you have written the content for.

Such issues are very common in ORM. This is because content writers prepare several contents based on the same brand or personality. Since the brand name and person’s name is usually the keyword, it can confuse Google with which page to rank first.

You can fix that through Technical SEO using Google Search Console. It gives you a full list of ranked pages for branded queries. You can track each page and see if they are ranked according to the keywords.

If Your Page Matches a Query But Didn’t Rank. It Could Be Due To Three Reasons

  • Google is unable to index the page.

  • The content on the page is of poor quality or not optimized.

  • The page doesn’t have good-quality internal or external links.

Assign the right query to the page once you fix it.

Include Your Name And Brand Name In Different SERP Features

You get ten organic results on the SERP that includes the standard blue links. However, if you notice, there are several SERP features included along with the ten search results.

Some Other SERP Features Include

  • News boxes

  • Featured snippets

  • Local packs

  • Videos

  • Image packs

  • Knowledge panel

Now to get featured in the above SERP features, you need different SEO tactics. This is where technical SEO can help.

Knowledge Panel

The knowledge panel appears in the top right corner of the SERP. To optimize your chances of featuring in the knowledge panel, you can try these SEO tactics −

Implement Schema markup on your homepage.

Get your brand or business, or name listed in Wikipedia and

Verify your social media accounts.

Optimize your google maps and create a Google business profile.

Image Pack

Image packs appear as horizontal carousels. It is helpful in ORM when you are writing for a brand or person. You can include some relevant images on the webpage. If proper SEO is applied, it will appear on the image pack for a specific search query. Clicking on the image will display an additional window containing information about the person, brand, or business.

To Optimize Image Packs, Try The Following Steps

  • Write a descriptive file name for all images.

  • Make the URL readable. Insert a keyword if possible.

  • Add a caption to the image.

  • Optimize the image size.

  • Write descriptive Alt Attributes.

  • Embed images on your webpage.

Videos Packs

Like images, videos also appear on the SERP.

To optimize videos for SERP −

  • Create a ‘brand account’ on YouTube.

  • Optimize your uploaded videos with descriptions, tags, keywords, etc.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets make your website look more appealing and informative. It comes with extra information about yourself or your brand, including ratings, prices, etc.

To Optimize For Rich Snippets, Try The Following

  • Use markup specifications.

  • Select your content.

  • Determine the properties.

  • Develop a markup code and insert it on the page.

  • Test the Structured Data Markup.


If your online reputation is important to you, then utilizing technical SEO is a must. Technical SEO helps websites improve their overall visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), ultimately helping make sure that your business stays on top of the competition. Make sure you utilise the tips shared in this article to your advantage for sure.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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