Why is Python the most popular programming language among ML professionals?

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From process automation to web development to AI-based projects to machine learning, Python is used everywhere, and it helps developers to be productive and confident about the software they are building. Today, because of the benefits like simplicity, consistency, extensive set of libraries, platform independence, flexibility, and a wide community support, Python has become one of the most favored programming languages among machine learning professionals.

  • Simplicity and Consistency − Machine learning relies on complex algorithms and workflows, but it is Python’s simplicity that allows machine learning developers to build reliable applications. Python is so simple that the developers do not need to focus on the technical nuances of the language. Additionally, Python is easy to learn, and the code is easily understandable by humans, which makes it easier for ML developers to build ML models.
  • Access to the extensive set of libraries − Python, with its rich technology stack, provides developers an extensive set of machine learning libraries and frameworks. It reduces the development time. Keras, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Pandas, SciPy, NumPy, and Seaborn are some of the most useful Python libraries for machine learning.
  • Platform independent − Python is platform independent which allows ML developers to implement things on one machine and use them on other machines without making any changes. Python programming language is supported by almost all the platforms including Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Flexibility − Another core advantage offered by Python to ML developers is its flexibility. Python works as an ideal backend and you can easily link different data structures.
  • Great community support − Python is completely open-source and is supported by a wide Python AI community that has grown across the globe. From an active exchange of experience related to ML solutions, it is sure you can find the best solution to your specific needs.
Updated on 24-Nov-2021 12:33:25