Can I use Python as my First Programming Language? Why?

In today’s world, everyone is upgrading their skill by learning to program. As the market is challenging and competitive as well, knowing how to code gives you an upper edge in your workplace. However, selecting the best language is also a challenge to start with. Fortunately, Python has got your back.

But can Python serve as a suitable introduction to programming? This article will go into that very issue and examine the factors that contribute to Python's appeal to novice programmers.

Let’s have a look at the following factors before opting for a programming language such as Python −

  • Python has raised its popularity since its introduction in 1991. Beginners should choose this high-level, interpreted language since it is simple to read and write. Python is surrounded everywhere. Whether it is data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or web development, Python has a major role to play here. A perfect choice for giant or small applications to start with.

  • Python has reached a greater height because of its straightforward and simple-to-read syntax. The program's logic may easily be understood thanks to the indentation-based code layout. As a result, without becoming mired down in complicated grammar rules, you can pick up the fundamentals of Python rather quickly. Python is more user-friendly for beginners because its grammar is frequently compared to that of the English language.

  • For beginners starting to code, Python's modular architecture is another benefit. Developers can save time and effort by using the language to create compact programs that can be applied to bigger projects. Complex software development is made simpler by Python's great modularity, which enables you to build on prior work. The reuse of code is a tremendous choice for those studying the fundamentals of programming.

  • In addition to its simplicity and modularity, Python is common for its brilliant and lively community. This community is made up of programmers who collaborate and share knowledge, presenting beneficial sources and aid for beginners. You can discover a variety of online tutorials, forums, and documentation that makes studying and programming with Python plenty easier. Moreover, Python boasts a massive library of modules and packages that enable you to solve common coding troubles and create environment-friendly and high-quality code.

  • Python has turned out to be a well-known language for machine studying and facts research. Python has established itself as the go-to language for facts analysis, generally due to the fact of its sizable library and tool collection. Data evaluation libraries in the language, including Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib, make it simple to work with big datasets and current information visually. Complex machine-learning mannequin building is made simpler via Python's machine-learning packages, such as TensorFlow and Scikit-learn.


Programming is a beneficial capability to have in the current digital era, and Python is a top-notch preference for freshmen who prefer to research programming. Python is a remarkable language to look up to due to the fact of its simple and simple-to-read syntax, modularity, and sizable community. It is a precious Genius to have in a variety of fields, from web development to statistics science and laptop learning, due to the fact of its popularity and adaptability. Python is absolutely a language to take into consideration if you're thinking about gaining knowledge of code.

Updated on: 04-Apr-2023


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