Why is Greenland called as island and not a continent?

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Greenland is actually a huge island on the North American plate in the pink color. It’s surely got a load of ice on it, much of which shapes as a part of the Arctic polar ice cap, but there is a land below Greenland. Tagging Greenland is actually an ice sheet implicit that it’s drifting on water as an unarranged part of the much larger.

Scientists call those islands continents which has a completely different tectonic plate. The continental outer layer also has to be firm. Unlikeness of the flora and fauna of the location is also taken into deliberation while announcing an island a continent. Though Greenland geographically is a part of the continent of North America it has more ethnic and customary attachment to Europe.

Greenland requirements considerable causes to be termed as a continent by itself, like huge size, typical features, and huge population or something as remarkable as Antarctica. Greenland is very small to be a continent its size. Greenland isn't even a self-governing country. It is a free region under Denmark.

Authentically it used to be contemplated a continent (i.e. when it was found), but it is now only an island. We don’t ponder there’s surely any dispute about it. While Greenland does have its own ethic, it is contemplated as a part of the larger North American arctic intellectual. Eventually, Greenlanders do not, for the main part, think that they live on a continent. They contemplate themselves as islanders.

It appears that to be a continent, an area must attain most of the uncertified basis above if it doesn’t attain it all.

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