Why is a smartphone called smart?

Why is a smartphone called smart? A very common question strikes our head every now and then when we hear- Smartphone? Well, why not? From internet browsing to road navigations and doing every possible thing online, it has really made our life easier. I don’t think the present smart phone addicted mankind can survive even a single day without its smartphones.

What A Smartphone Can Do

These phones are no different than a mini computer. Very much similar to computers, these smartphones also runs on operating systems as well as there are different applications for performing specific tasks in it. Each app is meant for specific tasks. From showing weather conditions to watch movies, from ordering food and groceries to booking tickets online and presently even consulting doctors online, You just name it and your smartphone has all specific apps to do all of the tasks by itself. That is what makes us more dependent on it.


As a smartphone user, you must be pretty habituated to the process of application updates. Well, the people behind these apps constantly take reviews regarding the user experience of the application, keep on modifying the app with latest technical inventions and better user interfaces to offer even more dynamic user experience. This also helps them to keep up their pace in the competition.