Which one among UBER and OLA provides the best cab services in India?

It is difficult to finalize that which one is better than other. Based on the area and customers performance of Ola and Uber are varying a lot.

Let us look at some of the basic features of both OLA and UBER.


  • Ola is very user-friendly, but not very well developed software. Sometimes it gives problem in loading and crashes occasionally.

  • Easy to book during off-peak hours and real-time bookings (Ride now). But often gives troubles while pre-booking is made (Ride later)

  • Widely accessible throughout the country operating in 102 cities with 8000 employees and holding 70% of the market.


  • Uber application is easy to use and booking process is also much simpler. Compared to Ola this software works well.

  • Uber is available in limited cities only.

  • They are operating in 26 cities with a mere 300 employees and 30% of the market.

It is complained by other players in this field like Meru, Easy cabs etc., that the taxi market is ruled by these two major stakeholders and impacted due to pricing competition between Ola and Uber. Both of them are offering similar slabs of fares and discounts. The cheapest ride on hatchbacks (Uber go and Ola Mini/Micro) cost Rs.5 to Rs.8 per km. Both are concentrating on business growth rather than profits. This is a good news for the customers.

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020


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