10 Best Software Testing Services

Software testing services or companies mainly offer QA and software testing solutions to test your software products and also provide control over its development process. They help you build high-quality, competitive software and applications. They make sure that your software offers a smooth user experience.

1. Testlio

It is a modern crowdsourced testing service that manages software testing processes. Testlio is an integration of platform, freelancers, and services that help deliver great user experiences. It is the origin of networked testing, with over twenty testing capabilities – functional, usability, localization, location, and many more. It seamlessly integrates with automated testing to guarantee complete test coverage.

Its test management software helps our employees, its own service personnel, and its freelance network, test and collaborate for reproducing bugs quickly. All this within one cloud-based test management platform along with unlimited licenses.

It also provides a set of easy-to-deploy software development kits to automatically capture and convey testing process information, that too directly from mobile devices. This helps in rapid bug reproduction and problem resolution.

  • Services − Different testing such as networked, collective, crowdsourced, regression, functional, livestream, usability, payment, localization, real-device and QA testing

  • Major clients  Viacom, Equinox, Netflix, Microsoft

2. QAlified

This software testing and QA service was established in 1993 and is headquartered in USA. It operates in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. It is specialized in solving quality-related problems by minimizing risks, maximizing efficiency and empowering the organizations.

It is like an independent partner that evaluates software quality with expertise in various technologies for any software and platform like web, mobile, cloud, AI, IoT, etc.

It offers management of testing services, including a wide range of activities; test planning, designing of tests, test reporting, QA process improvements, and many more. It helps save time, resources, and money involved in software testing. It gives high-quality results even without in-house engineers.

  • Services − Different testing such as application, performance, test automation, security, usability, accessibility

  • Major clients − 100+ global clients and 600+ projects in Financial Sector, IT, Healthcare and E-commerce.

3. Capgemini

It is one of the best companies offering software testing services. It uses agile methodologies to fix bugs and errors. It helps increase software quality and saves effort as well as time. It can speed up and improve the quality of the software.

It offers various services; network and virtualization, device integration testing, and many more. It provides end-to-end mobile testing services. It also helps transform the testing process to improve quality of the software.

It uses an automated testing solution- TAKT engine for software testing. It offers services to various sectors like Finance, Banking, Test environment and data.

  • Services  Different testing such as agile managed, agile methodology, application, digital QA testing. Increasing speed and improving quality, user experience. Cybersecurity. Test automation services

  • Major clients  Sogeti, Altrans, Capgemini Invent, Airbus, Barclays, HSBC

4. Aspire Systems

This service provides one of the most excellent performance testing solutions. It also provides end-to-end QA testing across all IT systems. It uses a performance model or result-driven engagement model for software testing, which helps manage the software quality. This global IT firm helps speed up software delivery through Hyper-testing. Hyper-testing is a testing methodology that includes some of the best practices for agile and continuous testing and DevOps.

  • Services − Quality engineering, consulting, test automation, digital testing, retail test automation, enterprise app testing, API testing, performance testing, functional testing, test consultation., DevOps, mobile testing, AI-driven testing, User Acceptance testing, usability testing, regression testing, cloud testing

  • Major clients  Advanced IT companies, healthcare sector, retail, insurance, banking sector

5. Mindful QA

It is USA’s one of the best software testing services. It has straightforward hourly wages and rates, quick onboarding, agile testing services and no long-term contracts. Most of its testers have an average experience of more than 5 years. It aims at social welfare while providing award-winning software testing services. It eases the QA process, from beginning to the end.

This ethical QA company offers reliable and agile testers. It has more than twenty years of experience in software testing and was named “Top 50 Tech Visionary of 2019”.

  • Services − Different testing such as mobile application, website, manual, automated, performance, software, user experience, regression, functional, cross-browser testing

  • Major clients − Google, Hulu, Microsoft, Taco Bell, BMW, Discovery, Volkswagen, Mission Minded, Mott’s, Zillow

6. QualiTest

This company provides software testing services to clients and helps improve software quality and testing processes with some of the best automation and innovative tools. Its testing facility helps manage software testing without any hassle. It also offers on-demand and rapid testing services with AI.

It is based in Fairfield, USA and has around 1000-15000 employees.

  • Services − Risk-based testing, project-based testing, strategic consultation

  • Major clients − Microsoft, Healthcare, EADS, Lunchbox, BSkyB, Stratus Technologies, Fujifilm, Multiplan, Avaya

7. Itransition

This is one of the best companies offering software testing services. It also offers QA services for third-party software solutions to help manage and control software quality. It executes integrated testing for deployment of programs efficiently. It also provides customizable testing services, at the program or enterprise level. It helps manage the software development lifecycle. It offers test automation and quality control outsourcing.

  • Services − QA consultation, independent QA, integrated testing

  • Major clients − Toyota, Expedia

8. Indium

This company is a global leader in QA testing services with more than two decades of experience. It offers software testing and QA services, globally. Its test automation approach is completely process-oriented. It supports web, mobile, desktop, and cloud-based applications testing. Its aim is to ensure that the software functionalities match the requirement specifications. It has more than 350 clients, globally. It has experience and expertise working with SMEs, large-scale organizations, and even Fortune 500 companies.

It has been serving clients in various sectors like banking, IT, healthcare, life science, retail, education. It ensures flexible and scalable software delivery. It offers IP-based automation framework – iSAFE, which helps fulfil automation requirements.

  • Services − Tool-based testing, digital QA

9. A1QA

This company offers a wide range of software testing services. It supports a wide range of platforms and systems like web, mobile, CRM, IoT, blockchain, and many more. It offers its clients a great and hassle-free software testing solution. It is best for those who want to test the functionality, security, compatibility, usability and performance of the software.

It is based in USA and was established in 2003. Currently, it has around 500-1000 employees. It offers result-oriented QA services, full-cycle testing and special teams for short- and long-term projects.

  • Services − Full-cycle testing, systems and platforms, QA engineering

  • Major clients − Adidas, Pearson, Sword

10. TestingXperts

This company is an expert in QA and software testing. It helps its clients transform QA function to minimize production costs. Its team of modern testers are focused on CI/CD, test automation and shift left methodologies.

It offers flexible testing solutions as per client needs, and ensures on-time delivery. It is an ISO certified company.

  • Services − Functional and non-functional testing, test consultation, DevOps, NextGen

  • Major clients − Banking, Finance, Healthcare sectors, retail and education, media and publishing, digital media and advertising, and telecommunication

Updated on: 20-Dec-2021


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