How to teach an amateur to book an Ola or Uber cab?

Despite the fact that the different means of conveyance like Ola, Uber, Jugnoo have struck their roots in the transportation services, some people still do not know how to book a cab and that is why they end up hiring a costlier taxi or bargain with ‘Auto Wala's’ on the road and create an unnecessary scene.

See, How Convenient It's To Book Them

1. Install: From Google Play store, install Ola or Uber App.

2. Register: Register by entering your basic details such as name, email ID and mobile number.

3. Verification: You will then get a verification code in the form of SMS or call, depending on what option you choose.

4. Verify: Enter the one time password or the code and then you may book a cab.

5. Provide Ride Details: Enter your drop location and pick up location.

6. Book a cab: Click on 'Ride Now' after checking whether you want to commute by Ola share, Ola mini, Ola micro, Ola Auto, Ola Prime Sedan or Ola rental depending upon the number of commuters and the luggage bags. In the case of Uber, it will be Uber pool, Uber Go, Uber X and so on.

7. Note: Note the driver's detail and place a call to know the whereabouts of the driver.

8. In case of Ola booking, one should even note the One time password, in order to tell it to the cab driver when he is about to start the ride.

Apart from the basic functionality of booking cab, one may even check offers on these rides. There is discount applicable if one applies coupon code successfully. Have a safe and pleasant ride!!

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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