Which gods or goddesses are associated with which day of the week as per Hindu mythology?

India is a land of cultures and religions. So much so that each day of the week is associated with some or the other deity.

1. Monday: The day associated with Lord Shiva, the destroyer in GOD (Generator, operator, destroyer), is known as 'trinetra'. Many unmarried girls fast on this day praying for a suitable match.

2. Tuesday: The second day of the week is associated with Lord Hanuman. Red, orange is the auspicious colors one should wear on this day. Even most of the nonvegetarians do not consume non-veg on this day.

3. Wednesday: The third day of the week is associated with Lord Ganesha, who is also known as ' Lambodra', 'Vinayaka', 'Ekdantaya' ,'Modak-hasta', etc. Lord Ganesha is prayed for having an auspicious beginning.

4. Thursday: The fourth day of the week is associated with Lord Brihaspati and Sai Baba both. People wear yellow clothes on this day and worship banana tree.

5. Friday: The fifth day of the week is associated with Goddess Laxmi who is worshipped for prosperity. Females fast for Santoshi Mata and Laxmi Ji too on this day, the fast being called as ' Vaibhav Laxmi vrat.'

6. Saturday: This day is associated with Shani dev and people wear black clothes on this day. Mustard oil is used to worship the idol of Shani dev on this day. People fast on this day to get rid of problems in their life.

7. Sunday: The last day of the week is associated with Lord Ram. Lord Ram went into exile for fourteen years and then became 'Maryada Purushottam Ram'.

It is good to worship various deities, but then they should not be associated with superstitions and false beliefs because it hampers not only one's personal growth but also one's intellectual growth.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019

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