What Should I Know to Become a Salesforce Administrator?

Who is a Salesforce Administrator?

A person who has completed a certification exam is qualified to serve as an advisor for maximizing the potential of the Salesforce CRM platform and is known as a Salesforce administrator. Salesforce administrators frequently collaborate with business stakeholders to tailor the platform, support internal users, and create a bridge between innovation and marketing.

As a Salesforce administrator, you could add value to your company by acting as a trusted resource for questions about the platform's operation and making it simple for teams to access data and finish administrative tasks.

What is the Role of a Salesforce Administrator?

Administrator duties may be mixed with others in some companies. Some employers explicitly hire for this position based on their needs. A person with administrator accreditation (more on that in a moment) may verify that the business is utilizing the system to its fullest extent due to the possibilities of our platform.

Consider your sales crew as an example. To keep a record of possibilities and close deals, they might be using Sales Cloud. Your salespeople can create customized dashboards, fields, warnings, and reports with a Salesforce Admin to speed up the sales cycle and keep a closer eye on each prospect. Increased salesperson and new business satisfaction may result from this level of organization.

  • Add new contacts, leads, and data − Administrators create standards for these procedures as users enter leads and other information into Salesforce, helping to guarantee data consistency throughout the organization.

  • Establish reporting procedures − Administrators for Salesforce are pros at managing CRM data. They are relied upon by organizations to maintain data that is structured and clean and to retrieve data as necessary to support training initiatives and to support business decisions.

How to Become a Salesforce Admin?

Learn how to use Salesforce

Getting experience using this platform will help you improve your abilities and show potential employers that you are prepared for work. Get familiar with Salesforce by −

  • Enrolling in Salesforce training programs like the Salesforce Sales Operations Specialist Certificate

  • Getting an entry-level position or internship with Salesforce

  • Engaging with other Salesforce experts by attending an online Salesforce network, such as Trailhead, the learning platform provided by Salesforce.

Choose Your Training Program

You can choose from various flexible training options to assist you in becoming a Certified Salesforce Administrator. There are training programs to suit your demands, whether you want five days, two days, or just one day, but always ensure to practice both within and outside your regular workday because, contrary to the adage, practice makes perfect when it comes to CRM.

Clear the Exam to Become a Salesforce Certified Administrator

You must clear the certification exam to be considered for most Salesforce administrator jobs. This exam gauges your proficiency in the following −

  • Setting up and configuring (20 percent)

  • Using the lightning app builder and the object manager (20 percent)

  • Applications in marketing and sales (12 percent)

  • Applications for services and assistance (11 percent)

  • Productivity and teamwork (7 percent)

  • managing data and analytics (14 percent)

  • Automation of processes and workflows (16 percent)

Salary for Certified Admins vs. Uncertified Admins

The average pay for Salesforce administrators without certification was $69,600, and the average pay for those with one certification increased to $86,850, according to a poll conducted by the Denver User Group. According to the Salesforce Admin certification, there is a significant $17,250 annual difference.

Skills you Need to Develop

  • User Management − Advocating for your users is investing the effort to comprehend how they go about their work and what makes them productive. User management is more than just setting up user profiles and permissions. This aids you in developing an excellent user experience and a successful user uptake and training plan.

  • Leadership Talent − Leadership can emerge from anyone inside an organization, much like a brilliant idea can originate anywhere. Being a Salesforce administrator places you in a very special position inside an organization. You may lead innovation at your firm with the credibility of possessing both technical and business abilities. It would be best to consistently devote time to honing your written and vocal communication abilities to succeed in this area.

  • Skills in Project Management − An efficient Salesforce administrator will utilize their expertise, abilities, resources, and methods to complete tasks that satisfy corporate objectives and demands. The field of project management requires a wide range of unique abilities.

  • Industry Knowledge − For Salesforce Administrators, having a thorough understanding of the company and sector in which your organization operates is crucial because these will undoubtedly impact the specific activities and business procedures you execute. Consider the many ways in which a university and a bank conduct business. Both have extremely different company objectives, very different consumer bases, and very different operating procedures. These kinds of industry-specific elements have a significant impact on how a firm runs as well as how Salesforce is utilized and managed.

Step-by-step Process for Becoming a SalesForce Administrator

One can take some actions to become a Salesforce administrator −

  • Get your bachelor's in business, communications, or a related profession.

  • Get the Salesforce certification to become certified.

  • Amass two to four years of Salesforce platform experience, including implementation, instruction, and documentation.

  • Develop your computer literacy. Employers frequently require advanced skills, so sign up for training if necessary.


As per the details mentioned above, salesforce administrator is one of the most highly paid jobs in the salesforce industry. If you have the passion and the mindset to work hard, you can achieve greater heights. Even people with no background in coding could develop a successful career as a salesforce.

Updated on: 19-Apr-2023


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