Productivity Tools You Should Know

Being productive is vital, and everyone is constantly striving towards being more productive. People prefer more things to be done with less effort. However in this era of more distractions in the personal and digital space, staying productive is very important. It takes more than individual efforts to stay productive, thus productivity tools are required.

What Are Productivity Tools?

Productivity is the measure of the efficiency of a person on a particular work. Productivity tools are electronic tools designed in order to simplify tasks, and streamline workflow. It often includes features to access documents easily, create charts and graphs to visualize the project plan, and progress and collaborate with other people.

Productivity Tools


The proof hub is a comprehensive project management tool that is used to keep things organized and enhance accountability for effective communication. It delegates tasks, organizes workflow and helps to track the amount of time spent on a project.


It is important to stay productive when working on big projects. nTask helps you to keep track of every small detail of the project to stay ahead by saving time and sorting out problems. It is a great tool for team collaboration, listing things, and integrating time-tracking tools along with worksheets of employees.


The AI-enabled calendar helps to plan and organize events based on your schedule. It integrated various digital calendars such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. It can also be shared with other team members.


Slack is one of the most popular and widely used team collaboration software for team communications. Besides its chat and communication features, it can be used to track documents, share files and helps to manage tasks and meetings. It also supports everyday apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Google Docs

Google Docs is the most famous and widely used document storage and task management software to create, access, edit and collaborate from anywhere from their phone, tablet or computer.


Skype is one of the most widely used communication software across the world. It is used for connecting with people from any part of the world via mobile, PC, Xbox and Alexa. It offers messaging, HD voice and video calls to facilitate meetings, group discussions, etc.


It is a cloud-based video conferencing platform which has the capability to connect more than 500 people at the same time. It is widely used for video conferencing, meetings, webinars and live chat. People can connect through zoom from any remote location with the help of the internet. One can schedule meetings, set the remainder of those meetings, share screens, chat, record meetings, etc.

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a time-tracking app which is used to track day-to-day activities across multiple platforms. It provides detailed insights and opportunities to optimize the workflow by sorting out areas that need improvement or change. It is available in web applications, desktop apps, browser extensions and mobile applications.

Gantt Pro

Gantt Pro is an online software with a Gantt chart that is used to keep track of the work of all members of a team. It is extremely helpful for task management, deadline management, exporting and sharing files via public URLs, etc.

Hubspot's Marketing Hub

It is one of the best software for team collaborations. It helps to launch, manage and maintain promotional strategies and campaigns. Some of the key features of this tool include a contact database, contact management, and sync data across various teams such as marketing, customer service and sales.

Microsoft Outlook

MS Outlook is a professional information management tool and is a part of Microsoft Office. It makes communication easier by sending emails with just a click. It is mainly used for organizing and managing appointments with clients. To do so, it has features such as a mailbox, calendar, appointments, etc.


Fiverr is the world's largest cloud-based digital service platform for freelance businesses. It is a place to connect with a large number of buyers and sellers all across the world. It is designed to streamline the time and expense tracking process involving tools such as invoicing, contract creation, time tracking, expense tracking, payments, etc.


SaneBox is an email management tool that separates emails based on priority levels. It sends important emails directly to the user's inbox and less important mail or spam to the Sane later folder to look back on when free. It saves time and effort thereby increasing productivity.


Paymo is a project management software, which has primary project management features such as task management, scheduling, cost estimations, time tracking, invoicing, etc. It allows the team to organize and combine multiple data such as reports, timesheets and schedules in one place to access easily.


Grammarly is a writing tool to check grammar, spelling, plagiarism and more in real-time. It makes editing easier and error-free on a real-time basis. It also suggests words that can be used as an alternative for easy understanding. Grammarly is available as an app or an extension for browsers and can be used across different platforms including Microsoft Word, WordPress, Email, etc.


Productive tools are essential for a person or an organization to be more effective and strive for a longer time. All these productivity tools can be extremely helpful to make a difference in a project by optimizing the work. It automates routine tasks, spreads efforts across works effectively, enables most of the time, and makes the work more productive.

Updated on: 23-Jan-2023


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