What's the difference between RSpec and Cucumber in Selenium?

The differences between RSpec and Cucumber are listed below −

Sr. No.RSpecCucumber
1A testing framework which gives the option to build and execute tests.A tool which is used to create test cases in plain English text.
2Mainly used for integration and unit testing.Mainly used for user acceptance testing.
3Utilized for Test Driven Development by developers and for Behavior Driven Development by testers.Utilized for Behavior Driven Development.
4Narrates step from a business specification using the Describe, Context and It blocks.Narrates step from a business specification with the Given, When, Then, And, But, and so on keywords.
5Code for implementation of a step is available within the Describe, Context and It blocks.Code for implementation of a step is available in a separate file called the step definition.
6Team members having only technical knowledge (developers) can contribute.All the project stakeholders (developers, testers, product owners, business analysts, clients and so on) can contribute.

Example of Cucumber

Feature File

Feature: Login Module
Scenario: User login
Given: Visit URL "https://tutorialspoint.com"

The corresponding Step Definition File

@Given ("^Visit URL \"([^\"]*)\"$")
public void visit_url(String u){
   System.out.println("URL is : " + u);

Example of RSpec

describe Login Module
   context "User Login" do
      it "Visit URL 'https://tutorialspoint.com'" do
         message = successfully logged in

Updated on: 07-Apr-2021


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