What is the difference between mocha and Selenium?

The differences between Mocha and Selenium are listed below −


It is an easy, workable and popular JavaScript framework developed for Node.js.
It is a free automation tool used for testing the web.
Based on JavaScript.
Can be used with multiple languages like Java, Python, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, and so on.
Used for integration, unit and end to end testing.
Used for web based automation testing.
XUnit framework
It contains the XUnit reporter which yields an XML document.
It cannot be used with XUnit Framework.
Supports mostly Chrome and Firefox. It can be used for other browsers with certain challenges.
Supports the majority of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, and so on.
Community Aid
Has a small community assistance but it is slowly growing.
Has a big community assistance where we can submit queries and get them resolved.
Installation is complex since it involves configuration of NPM and Node.js
Installation may look difficult for a user who is new to the tool as it is a multi−step process.
Record and Play
No feature to record and play tests.
Has the feature to record and play.
A separate package − mochawesome, needs to be installed for screenshot capturing.
Can be captured only in image format.
Security testing
Cannot be used for security testing.
Can be used for security testing.
Web scraping
Cannot be used to perform web scraping.
Can be used to perform web scraping.
Test Execution
It is a framework used for running tests. It can be used together with Selenium.
It is not a framework and does not have in−built features to control/ignore executing a group of tests.
Test Reports
Has multiple reporting features like JSON, progress, and so on along with in−built reporting abilities.(based on hierarchy)
Has no in−built reporting abilities.

Updated on: 01-Feb-2021


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