What Is the Slack App and How Can It Help Improve Productivity?

Slack is a work-together online space for employees in this fast-paced digital world. Slack is an instant business texting application. It is a go-to place for the employees for all the data and other necessities that they might require while working for the company. It is super organized. With the Slack application, you can collaborate with other team members, chat live in dedicated spaces, share ideas with people on a real-time basis, set deadlines, collect and download information related to projects, connect with humans outside the company, and manage your calendar with ease.

Slack and Productivity

The Slack application helps increase the productivity of the employee by around 30%. With the advent of seamless, affordable, and fast internet connections, companies can now benefit from the different human capital resources spread across the nation and different time zones. We can get the best of the best minds to help us make our business prosper. With this new weapon of liberty and globalization, we have the problem of workforce communication popping up. Gone are the days when the employees came under the same roof and worked productively. With Slack as an instant messaging application, we can connect with the workforce in different time zones to come together and start working.

We will now be listing how Slack increases the productivity of individual employees and the overall organization.

Benefits of Slack

Saves time

With slack, there is no need for the workforce to move between different applications or find the right trail mail to get the attachments. Slack has designated spaces for all communication and data storage for projects. With just one click, you can locate all the documents related to that project.

Helps in tying different business software together

Slack has more than 2400 applications in its storage or directory. Employees can now create custom workflows suiting their project management needs.

The quality of work improves

Can now talk in the designated spaces where all the members, whether internal, external, or from different functional teams, are present. It reduces costly miscommunication mistakes and helps in keeping or "pinning" all the data together in one place for everyone's access.

Releasing data

With the usage of slack in different companies, the companies noticed that the meetings are now reduced by 23%, and 32% of the mail usage has also been reduced. This has happened because now all the stakeholders have real-time information and there is no need for different escalation and update-seeking emails and meetings. The employees can work with fewer distractions and in real time with the Slack application.

Better customer experience

With all the members from developers to sales working on the same platform, it is very easy to help the customer solve their bugs. Earlier, long email threads with different members on cc, which were seen as an escalation, were shared. Now in one space, the problems can be stated and solutions from whichever functional department can be discussed.

Strong internal and external relationships

Slack helps the vendors, clients, customers, employers, and delivery heads all connect in one single space. In simple terms, both the internal and external stakeholders are now on the same page regarding project discussion. It helps in building strong, trustworthy, and transparent relationships among the stakeholders.

Promotes transparency of work

With slack, different stakeholders involved in workflow management (internal or external) can have access to the communication and data. This system of work ensures transparency in the workplace. This transparent working nature also helps in building long-term and strong relationships.

Ensures security

Instead of having multiple email chains for the confidential data related to each functional department, slack helps in ensuring the security of communication, i.e., the messages exchanged and the data between the different parties involved.

Slack helps in the automation of work

There is no longer a need to manually set up the daily hurdle meetings, the daily stand-up calls, the daily project-specific discussions, the approval emails, or the request for access emails. With Slack's automation system, all this work can be done with simple slash messages or automated workflows.

Do not drown in the sea of work

With slack reminders, a checklist system, and deadlines, one can always make sure to float instead of drowning in the work with the flow of time.

“Deep work” Time feature of Slack

It is an application known for instant communication. But these regular pop-ups can be really distracting and helpful in breaking your chain of thought. Do not worry; with the "deep work" time feature of Slack, you can block all the noise on your screen and productively work on your task.

The Slack Guide and the Slack Help Chatbot

These features are available to users. If you are facing any issues while working on Slack, you can always seek help or just simply see how the unlimited features of Slack can help you improve your productivity.

Sort your communication space with Slack

There is no need for you to do unlimited scrolling or reply to all the chat spaces that you are a part of. With Slack's sort system, you can move the chat spaces according to priority (high: check daily, medium: check once every two days, low: check once a week) or according to the different projects. Myriad options are available for such sorting of Slack.

Starmark certain conversations or documents or save important communications and data on Slack

This will ensure that there is no mindless scrolling throughout the day. With the sorting and saving of messages and data, one can ensure that no time is lost in transit. Important data is readily available, and you are all set to kick-start your work with ease.

Slack helps you to follow the trend

With the millennials and generation Z coming into the picture, they have shown us a lot can be communicated with some simple emojis and a lot of words can be eliminated. For example, a red sign can ensure that work is important and needs to be done right away, and a thumbs up can mean that I agree with this and that it is okay with me as well as others. With Slack's emoji predictions, you can work with the trend and save time.

Use shortcuts to save time and be efficient

With Slack's /msg, /reminder, /event, /ask, /help, /announce, /sales, and other such shortcuts, one can save a lot of time in communication and make everything seem easy. One can even keep notes for themselves by having a designated space and just texting the same to slack; this exchange of messages will remain with the employee forever, and there is no need for them to quickly maintain a notepad.

By the above pointers, one can easily understand that Slack can be an online safe space for communication for the workforce of a company. It is easy to use, a lot of data is available, it has an interactive user interface, it is trend-driven, it is the one-stop destination for the organization’s needs, and it projects smooth flow management. To be productive in the digital era, one can use Slack as their primary mode of communication for the workforce and connect to different time zones. One can be extremely productive and happy while using the Slack application, and at the end of the day, happy workers are the most productive workers in an organization.

Updated on: 02-Dec-2022


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