Can anyone suggest me an alternative for Slack - the team collaboration chat app?

Despite being awarded as the best messaging service and knowns as the top and advanced option for your business for chat and email, Slack lacks somewhere. Whether its pocket-drilling price or the functionality gaps it could not overcome yet. Therefore, most of the businesses are looking for its alternatives and these, the ones I feel can replace this chat service.

Google Hangout

Is the cheapest and hustle-free tool for your team to get in touch with each other. The plenty of instant messaging capabilities like being handy, easy to integrate, and being free put it at the top of the rest.


This Brazil-based collaboration tool is specifically designed for communities. This open source messaging service is free and comes with a fully featured version with no limitations at all.


You might find this name a little weird, but the features it offers will demolish all your doubts. Fleep never stresses upon replacing emails and making them obsolete. It rather integrates with emails. The same way Google Hangouts deals with things. Moreover, it’s an open platform which means any user can chat with others regardless of their platform.


A wholesome communication solution for your business, Stride comes with free group chat, video conferencing, and built-in collaboration tools.

Cisco Park

Unlike Slack, this tool comes with a bigger objective to cover. Slack largely stresses upon messaging while this one focusses on collaboration as a whole. It takes communication to an entirely new level. As far as pricing is concerned, its free plan is available and for Plus plan you have to spend $ 12 per month/ per user.

Updated on: 25-Jun-2020


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