What is the one secret you want to share with Qries community?

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It is said that “Secrets tend to get revealed when one is feeling most loved or one is feeling most betrayed.” Well, in my case neither love nor betrayal has overpowered me. Still, there are certain feelings and certain emotions too, which come up somewhere somehow through the facial expressions or the body language.

Revealing A Secret

So, the one secret that I wish to reveal is my realization of, “Secrets should be kept secret.” Because if they are revealed to the right person, only then they hold their worth like a currency note in the hands of a spendthrift is merely a waste. On the contrary, if they are revealed to any Tom, Dick, and Harry, they may become rumors or may not attract attention or interest. This realization did not come to me easily. It was a result of a lot of heartbreaks, emotional suffering, and toil.

Consequences Post Realization of the Secret

Now, I am a changed person. Keeping stuff to myself has not only become my habit but also the need of the hour. I have made fewer friends because of this habit of mine, but whosoever is a part of my life, is a genuine person.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24