You want to wear your favourite shirt to a party, but the problem is that it is still wet after a wash. What steps would you take to dry it faster?

AcademicChemistryNCERTClass 9

Drying of clothes is due to the process of evaporation hence the following steps should be taken to dry the shirt faster.

  • Dry the shirt under a fan at high speed. With an increase in the speed of fan, water vapours will move away. This decreases water vapour in the surroundings which will increase the evaporation and the shirt gets dried faster.
  • Spread the shirt on a hanger which will increase surface area. An increase in the surface area makes the shirt dry quickly.
  • Dry the shirt in sunlight. Because of the high-temperature water evaporates faster. Thus the shirt gets dried easily.
  • Iron the shirt. Heat increases the speed of vaporization and evaporation. This dries the shirt faster.
Updated on 10-Oct-2022 13:29:25